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People looking for a place to bury their dead often search for a tranquil area. If you are one among them, this is the best choice you can have from among the renowned California cemeteries. Located in a wood overlooking the Great San Francisco Bay, It affords the most sought after thing when giving rest to a departed soul; a peaceful atmosphere in the abode of nature.


When the Spaniards started their campaign in California, this area was set aside as a fort to protect the San Francisco Bay. The first settlement just had forty families. They came from Mexico and built a small quadrangle in the year 1776. In 1881, the control of the area was given to the Mexican Government. Gradually, the region began to lose its significance. Most of the soldiers along with their families moved away from here. However, during the Mexican War, this became an important station for the American Army. They restored the fort to its original glory. However, it got abandoned after some time.

The revival

The discovery of gold in the area led to a sudden surge in the significance of the region. As a result, a military Reservation was established here. The coming years saw the constant growth of the region both in importance and in expansion. In the year 1884, the Department of War allocated 9 acres of this presidio (fort); including the old burial place as a National Cemetery. This is considered to be the first of the kind in California cemeteries.


This graveyard lies encircled with a stone wall. The site goes down along a hill with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The beautified iron gate still stands there. But, it is not in use at present because of the reallocation of the entrance to the site.

Know that new inurnments are not available in this graveyard at present. If you want to bury your departed loved one here, you have to prove familial ties with the people taking rest in this place. However, you are encouraged to contact the Administration. You may be able to get a place here when space is available.

Things to keep in mind

Explore the national cemetery website before contacting the administration for the funeral. The website always remains updated with the changing policies. Take note of the points given below when planning a funeral here.

  1. Flowers should be kept in such a way as not to hinder the ground maintenance.
  2. You are not allowed to adorn the casket with anything capable of undermining the dignity of the site.
  3. No permanent statues or lighting is allowed here.
  4. Unless expressly authorized, you are not allowed to bring firearms or any other explosives to the cemetery. Negligence here may result in fine, removal from the area or even arrest.

If you are someone with a tight budget, contact the administration in advance. The Veterans Association would make sure that you are offered all the concessions available for those who have served the nation.

Even if you are not a resident of San Francisco, exploring a bit would do great. Most of the California cemeteries are located in tranquil surroundings.

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