Heavy but not heavy The lightweight advantages of the new HOWO generation

Posted by bruce zhu on January 26th, 2021

What is the value of a commercial vehicle? Shoot fast and eat less weed. Yes, Sinotruk's new generation HOWO is such a truck. Heavy but not heavy.The new generation HOWO lightweight advantage.China National Heavy Duty Truck officially launched a new generation of high-end HOWO logistics tractors, which has attracted the attention of the whole industry. The HOWO truck, which once dominated China in the last century, has once again been on the stage of history with a whole new attitude after being silent for 20 years.

When a new truck is on the market, there has to be a new look. A utility vehicle is considered good if it can create value for customers. For this reason, the new generation HOWO truck is designed to be lighter. Provided the vehicle load capacity remains unchanged, the integrated AIRTRAC X-arm front and rear axle suspension system, high quality ductile iron brackets and high strength aluminum alloy materials are used to front protection. With a high strength steel frame, it ensures that the 6 × 4 National VI lightweight chassis does not exceed 8.2 tons. In the standard 49 ton haul, the lighter the truck, the more cargo it can haul and the more money it earns.

In addition to "Dora Run", the lightness of the new sinotruk HOWO vehicle is also of positive importance in reducing operating costs. Especially for transport customers who lightly throw goods away, the original weight of the car is one point lighter and the fuel consumption is naturally one point less. In addition, better driving speed and better uphill performance can also improve the speed of transportation. The body is lighter, but its strength has been improved. The new generation HOWO was born to meet the maximization of user interests. It was the first to realize the combination of lightness and high reliability, and really realized "heavy" but not heavy.

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