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The rolling element of the bearing is jammed. Lubricant contains impurities and has poor sealing. Bearing galvanic corrosion-when the current passes through the bearing, the oil film is broken down, high temperature is generated, and the metal surface is locally melted to form irregular pits or groove corrosion. Causes of bearing scratches: rude work, lubricant containing impurities, and poor sealing. The cause of bearing peeling is serious peeling under the action of overload stress when improper assembly or poor lubrication.Bearings are important parts of mechanical equipment, and failure during use is a common problem.

The spalling part of the radial ball bearing is not at the bottom of the groove but on one side. Only one raceway of a double row bearing has peeled off. Generally, the reasons for failure of rolling bearings are more complicated, and various professional knowledge will be designed, including early failure and failure during use. The cause of bearing pitting corrosion: when the China Clutch Release Bearing lubrication is poor, under the cyclic action of the rolling contact stress, the metal subsurface inclusions or carbides will form a stress concentration, and then generate microscopic cracks, and gradually develop into small pit-like peeling. Bearing cracks-material destructive damage. Under the action of sliding friction, the metal surface material at the contact part is worn away.

Defects: The parts are partially missing. The reason for bearing indentation: under the action of overload impact force or overload pressure, the raceway surface is squeezed by the rolling elements to produce depression marks. Bearing pitting-small pits on the metal surface that are scattered or clustered. The morphological characteristics of bearing cracks-cracks are divided into cracks and defects according to the degree of damage. Thermal discoloration of the bearing-the phenomenon of oxidation of the metal surface due to temperature rise. The morphological characteristics of the bearing eccentric load: there is peeling phenomenon on the one side of the rolling surface.

The bearing is subjected to vibration, bumps, and the rolling elements collide with the raceway. The morphological characteristics of bearing corrosion and rust: Corrosion is divided into stains, etchings and pits according to different degrees. Causes of bearing scratches: too large axial preload or too small bearing clearance, poor lubrication or poor sealing. During the operation of the bearing, the rotation or revolution of the rolling element is blocked under the action of foreign objects or other parts. 

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