With modified wheelchair vans, moving about is much easier

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on October 5th, 2014

Assisted mobility is a challenge for many. However, the human dependency on assisted mobility has now greatly decreased because there are some excellent vehicles that one can use. Specially designed handicap vans and wheelchair vans make sure that anyone with mobility challenge doesn’t have to depend on another person to be able to move freely.

The human body has an excellent design. Even when one part of the body is not able to function properly, the other parts try to make up as much as they can. And thanks to the constant innovation that happens around us, the challenge of not being able to use a particular body part has gone down even more.

One can lose the use of their feet due to many reasons. Some suffer from lack of mobility from birth and others lose the capability to use their legs due to accidents and injuries in wars. There was a time when one would only be able to use crutches to move around and they would require others to help them. Then we saw the wheelchairs coming into existence, but people using these chairs also had to use help from others. Then we saw the electronic wheelchairs hit the market and people with mobility challenges had more independence in moving around. However, what has really made the difference to these people are handicap vans.

Wheelchair vans are also known as wheelchair-accessible vans and these are actually modified vans for use by people who use wheelchairs.

In most of the handicap vans, the modification is done to increase the empty space. These vans also have ramps or powered lifts attached to the doors through which wheelchairs can climb up inside. Some of these ramps also have power kneeling systems so that the slope of the ramp can be reduced for easier access.

Inside the wheelchair vans, further modifications are made so that the drivers are able to drive the vehicles. Modifications can be in the form of lowered portions of the van floor, stiffer suspensions to manage the extra weight of a wheelchair and modified fuel lines and gas tanks. All these vehicles are supposed to be certified by the NHTSA.

There are many other passenger modifications that can be added to handicap vans. Depending on the requirement of the driver, specific customizations can be done so that the driver is able to drive comfortably. Some of the most popular vehicles that get converted into wheelchair vans are Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

There are also some manufacturers that add modifications to these vans. MV-1 is a notable name in this regard.

Ever since the modified wheelchair vans have hit the market, people with mobility challenges have found it much easier to move about. And since the modern wheelchairs are also designed to make mobility challenged people move about independently, together these vehicles make life much easier for people with mobility challenges. Handicap vans are available with specific sellers in the country and they can be found online.

The modern wheelchair vans make sure that people with mobility challenges are able to drive easily. The handicap vans in this category can be modified in various ways.

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