Modified handicap vans let people move without taking help

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on October 5th, 2014

The last thing a mobility challenged person wants is for someone else to help them move around. People with mobility challenges didn’t have much option a few years ago when someone had to be there to push their wheelchairs. But now, innovative vehicles have hit the market and such people don’t need to depend on others for mobility, even when they travel the length and breadth of the country. Handicap vans have been great additions to the lives of people with mobility challenges. Specially designed wheelchair vans not only make access easier, but driving easier too.

When you hear the word wheelchair vans, you immediately come to assume that these vehicles are made for people who use wheelchairs. For people using electric wheelchairs, there may not be the requirement for such vans. However, there is only a small distance that can be covered in electric wheelchairs. What if someone wants to drive from Houston to Dallas? They have to use a vehicle and this is where they can make excellent use of handicap vans.

The modern wheelchair vans can be modified in every conceivable way. Depending on the type of wheelchair someone uses, the entry point can be fixed on the side or the rear of these vans. Ramps or power lifts can be attached to the floor of the access point through which the wheelchair bound person can get inside their van. There are also ways to decrease the angle of elevation of the ramp, so that the person trying to get inside the van can do so more easily.

The insides of these handicap vans can also be completely modified. Chairs can be removed so that there is extra available space for a person to move about while they are on their wheelchair. The driver’s seat can be removed and provisions can be made for fitting the wheelchair in the space for easy driving. Parts of the van floor can also be lowered if so is the requirement of the driver. And most importantly, all the controls can be given with the steering wheel or around it so that there is no need for someone to use their legs when driving. For someone with mobility challenge, this is an excellent and required configuration.

When someone deals with specialists of wheelchair vans, they can rest assured that their van can be completely customized as per their requirement. There are certain organizations for designing handicap vans that are run by people who are themselves mobility challenged. Thus, these people know what challenges people in similar situations face and this is why they are able to design the vans accordingly. These people can be found in specific parts of the country, but they service all or most parts of the country.

With wheelchair vans, there is no need for someone to depend on others for movement. Handicap vans have been in use for many years and they will continue to service people with mobility challenges. One should let the experts handle the modifications for the best results.

Excellently designed wheelchair vans ensure that people with mobility challenges don’t depend on others for transportation. Special category handicap vans can be modified and customized as per requirement.

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