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These days, social media is all around us. So is Instagram too.

Whenever we go somewhere, eat or drink something, or have any get together with our friends, the only thing that becomes the most memorable and meaningful to us is the Instagram Stories: some glimpses of the recent past.

Below we have organized a complete and comprehensive guide for you regarding Instagram Stories. Let’s first focus on What is Instagram Story?


Instagram story is a highlight being introduced by the Instagram App, with many new features and modifications. Using Instagram Stories, we can take photographs and post all the related pictures and video content in a slideshow design.

All the Instagram users can share their photographs and videos to their "Story" which is noticeable to only the followers of that Instagram account in case the account is private. If the user is using a public account, his/her story can be viewed by any person on Instagram and is publicly visible.

Started in 2016, it was being reviewed as the same feature present in Snapchat as well. As indicated by Instagram, the stories feature is brought in for all the loved ones who want to share their happy moments with their friends and family.

Various companies and organizations can make use of the Instagram Story to advertise their products for sale and build up their audience. Even celebrities connect to their fans and followers using Instagram Stories. They can get back to their followers who have relied on their stories. In contrast to Snapchat, celebrities can begin a live chat on Instagram and later save the whole video to their Stories after the live chat ends.



Tap the camera button in the upper left corner of your screen or swipe directly from anyplace in your Instagram Feed. At that point, you can press the record button which is present at the bottom. Press it long to take a picture or record a video, individually. You can likewise use the Boomerang feature to record some burst photographs.

After you are done capturing the photos, you can add effects by using sticker icons. When you have edited your story, you can save it too. For sharing your story, press the + and a circle symbol. Your story may disappear exactly after 24 hours you have shared it. On the off chance that you want to hide your story from someone and do not want them to see if you simply need to do some settings. Immediately tap the profile symbol to get to your profile, and afterward go to the settings.

From that point, you can choose the Story Settings beneath Account, and then select the option of "Hide Story From”. Now select those individuals you prefer to hide your story from.


After you are done posting your story, it shows up on your profile. You can view your Instagram story online by yourself again and again very easily. You will see a ring around your profile picture, this is where the other individuals can see your story from. Also, the Instagram Story may appear at the top of the feed as well.

Furthermore, if you have used any hashtag, area, or sticker, it might likewise show up on hashtag or location pages.


You can reply to the stories of people in the form of any photograph or video. You can also compose a message or send any sticker. At the point when you're viewing a story, there's another camera button at the lower part of the screen. Take a picture or record a snap either. You can move and resize the story picture that you're answering to, also, and embed that in your photograph.

Once you are done replying to your friend’s story, he/she will get your photograph or video reaction in their Direct message inbox, alongside the thumbnail of the first story.


Instagram Story Highlights were introduced in 2017. This was a way to keep your story stay longer even for more than 24 hours. This will help you make Instagram memories. Likewise, there is another feature that Instagram has is Instagram Story Archive. You can archive your stories for now and save them for later use if you want to post them at another time.

How to Create a Story Highlight?

  1. First of all, you have to select the option “NEW” which is present at the far left.
  2. Next, pick any story that you have archived.
  3. The third step is to select a cover and give a unique name to your highlight.

Whenever you're done posting a highlight, this will show up as a circle on your profile. You can have any number of highlights depending upon your choice and they will remain on your profile until you want to delete them from your profile. For making changes or deleting the highlight, simply tap and hold it on your profile.


If you surf the internet you will come across many websites that will help you in viewing the ig stories, highlights, and the person’s posts for free. Try once and you will get fond to it. I promise!


  1.        First of all, you need to visit the website by searching on google.
  2.       Once you have opened the website search for the profile of your favorite person whose posts and stories you want to view.
  3.        The profile you searched for will get opened in front of you.
  4.       You can easily visit the whole profile and even download his/her posts and stories if you want.


Here are some additional features of instagram story.

You can add effects to your story.

While uploading your story, you can make use of different effects that Instagram is providing its users. Some of them include doodles, live face filters, geo stickers, and text, etc. This will enhance your story to a great extent.

You can add music too.

This is the most recent update brought by Instagram. You can easily add music to your story making it more entertaining and appealing.

You can also view the people who have seen your story.

While you open and view your story, you can also see the number of people who have gone through your Instagram Story. See at the bottom left and swipe up to see who is watching.

Hide your story from people and make it private.

If you are posting a story and do not want some of the followers to see it, it is better to hide it from them. You merely need to do some main settings and you are ready to go.


Where Instagram is used by many individuals, it is also used by business organizations and companies for marketing their products and services. They use Instagram as their marketing strategy to grow up their business.

Here are some of the tips for growing business through Instagram.

  1.       Start posting stories at regular intervals.

It is better to post more than 6 to 7 Instagram stories regularly. This will help you in increasing your audience and exposure to more followers. Besides, updating more and more stories can keep your followers engaged with you.

  1.       Build a strong relationship with your followers.

Try and make your relationship strong with your followers. Post some appealing content according to their interest and start marketing your services or product. They will view your Instagram Stories and will remain in touch with you. Posting more stories daily and frequently will help your followers to have a good interaction with you.

  1.        Start posting consistently.

Consistency is a very crucial factor for attaining success in social media. And this is quite valid for gaining popularity on the platform of Instagram as well. Since stories merely last for 24 hours, you need to update new and unique material every day in order to keep your followers hooked up.

In short, Instagram is quite useful for many purposes. Use it positively and get a chance to make use of its amazing features. Post Instagram stories now and then because they have become a wonderful feature of Instagram now.

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