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Posted by alisonreid29 on October 6th, 2014

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom accessories then we suggest you change your bath completely and include a shower cubicle along with the bath. Take a health bath, bring home a steam shower. You’ll simply love it. No, this is not just meant to be placed in the bathroom, you can even create private corner for yourself, an enclosed space converted into a steam room by getting your own DIY steam bath kit. And this is not all, you can also get steam showers as a part of a combination package including whirlpool bath with jets. Moreover, there are several therapeutic benefits of steam shower as well. With so many advantages, why would you want to deprive yourself or your family of this amazing bathing accessory? 

Different types of steam showers available

Luxury bath was never this affordable before. Steam showers were something that an average household could not think of owning. But now, everything is possible. You can get a steam cubicle at an amazingly competitive price. Stretch a budget a bit more and you can get a whirlpool jet bath along with steam bath. A steam cubicle is available in different shapes such as round, rectangular, D-shaped, square, etc. Usually the prices differ with the sizes and the number of facilities available. For instance, if you take a bigger steam cubicle with a whirlpool bath, that will be more expensive that getting just a simple steam shower.

Then again, you can get a steam shower kit which you can install yourself following the instructions. This is definitely the least expensive one. The design and colour scheme of the cubicle, glass and body may differ slightly. The high end ones will also have lighting systems installed. While the basic steam showers are available in a price range of around 350 to 500 Pounds, the ones with more facilities will be priced anywhere between 800 to 1300 pounds. 

A steam shower with whirlpool bath can accommodate both one and two persons at a time. Then there are uber cool luxury products such as the corner steam bath with whirlpool and jet bath, either with or without LCD display. These will cost you more, but then what’s the harm in treating yourself to a bit of luxury once in a while? After all, you earn to live comfortably, isn’t it?

Benefits of steam showers

Weight loss, higher metabolism and digestion rate, glowing skin and hair, better immune system, relaxing for the muscle and nerves – these are some of the apparent benefits of taking a steam bath every now and then. You gift your body with the catalyst to produce more number of white blood cells. They also help in improving blood circulation and are hence have a therapeutic effect on improving the respiratory problems.

So, it’s not just a bath accessory. A steam shower is much more than that. Invest for once and get benefits that will last a lifetime. You can either choose a corner, freestanding, quadrant or square steam showers according to your space and requirement. In that you can also go for any of the three kinds of doors – ones that open on the outside, folding and sliding doors. Take your pick.

Choose your cubicle with a steam shower after going through the types and benefits of steam showers.

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