Eco friendly shabby chic decor: is it impossible?

Posted by PAUL HODA on January 26th, 2021

People always say that your house is akin to your palace. A house is a place where you rest, sleep and eat; but a home is a temple built to honor you, where you can be yourself, relax and let go of your daily worries. It should be a place where you feel you can be at ease, that puts you in a good mood, and what best way is there to create this sort of ambience that through beautiful home decor?

Keeping your house beautiful, neat and decorated in a way that is pleasing to your senses can do wonders for turning it into a little palace; so, I am always on the prowl trying to find new, cool boutiques that offer beautiful home decor that matches that shabby chic style that I really love; but it can be difficult to find brands that have that particular air that is put together yet casual at the same time.

Where to find shabby chic decor at a reasonable price?

If you are partial to the shabby chic style, and you love your decor to have an elegant, yet casual air that is not too formal and put together but not too casual, you might be struggling to find stores that capture that particular feel.

Not to mention a lot of stores don't offer sustainable materials, or use recycled wood which can be a bummer if you want to stay eco-friendly and keep an eye on your carbon footprint. However, I have found that the Pretty Little Home website is a great shabby chic store that has all of this and more.

Need some shabby chic gifts?

If your friends have just moved out and are having a house warming party, or if your friend that really loves interior decor is about to celebrate their birthday it is possible you want to get them some decorative stuff for their house, but you aren't too sure exactly what could you get them.

A staple of shabby chic gifts are succulents: they are easy to keep and beautiful, and they give an "eco", natural touch to your house.

Cushions and blankets are often well received, because they are so useful and practical: even if they don't fully match the decor of your house you can be sure they will be used in that cold winter nights.

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