What Should You Know to Become a Website Developer?

Posted by Myounus on August 15th, 2010

Website designing is one of the most beneficial and technical professions. It is not only profitable but also a creditable profession. There are many people who want to be a good website designer but they don?t know about basic things which should analyze first. However, these basics are very important whether you are a novice or professional website designer.         

Most important basics that should know to become a web developer are given bellow-

At first determine your goal: Being a website developer what is your first goal? You may give answer that creating a good personal website with the information of yourself or making money online. But the first goal of a good website designer should design a good and well designed website. In marketing wisdom a poorly designed website has no sales that mean no visitor and no traffic. A poorly designed website is nothing but same as no existing website.

Build a website simply but standard: There is a motto that that simplicity is attractiveness. Simplicity is the first but most important principle that should follow while developing or thinking about different ideas for the website. Generally, visitors visit your website to find their required information. If they don?t get their required information easily and perfectly then they will press the back button. For this reason simplicity is very important. Because you can put enough information in your site but due to lack of proper presentation there may create a complex situation which enforces the visitors to go back.     

Gather clear knowledge about HTML: You expectation is to design a perfect marketable website and for this you need to know HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). It is very helpful to make an effective website and also help you to proper execute of your ideas. Different Tag of HTML will help you to present your content properly.

Use basic fonts: Managing content to a website is very important for a web designer. In order to present the contents clearly you have to choose a good font but supported by all users. You can use ?Arial?,? Helvetica? or ?Time New Roman? because these are widely use font.

Keep your images small and code clean: You should design your website by small graphics file. The benefit of it is that if you use a small size graphics file then your webpage will load within small amount of time. You should save images using such graphic format that is small in size. You can use PNG, GIF or JEPG format.

Keep your programming code clean and well furnished and this will be helpful to load a webpage faster. By following these instructions very carefully you will able to design a good and marketable website.

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