What is Liquid Glass Coating for Cars?

Posted by Tantacoat on October 7th, 2014

Owning a car today is undeniably very useful as it can help anyone travel to different points and locations. In this light, it would be really important for you to take care of your car by regularly cleaning it as well as do maintenance. And, you have to maintain its new and shiny appearance all throughout.

Unfortunately, simple cleaning will no longer do. The paint of your car is relentlessly being damaged by certain elements such as the sun’s harmful rays, particles driven by the wind, droppings from birds and bugs, and a lot more. However, there is no need to worry as there is a liquid glass coating product such as Aladdin’s Double Shield, which will aid you in your dilemma of maintaining your car’s paint. Liquid glass coating for cars or car glass coating is a new system or technology, which is designed to protect your car’s paint from the hazards mentioned.

Why should you use a liquid glass coating product?

Liquid glass coating is considered as the Best Car Wax alternative today. This is because, if you are already using Liquid Glass Auto Polish, you will no longer need to use a car wax products. Why? The Liquid Glass has more than all the elements of wax that make it shine, protect paint surface. The liquid glass coating provides a hard layer like glass, shines like glass, smooth like glass and easy to clean like glass. Isn’t that simply amazing? You will be able to shield your car paint as well as save some money in the process.

But, car glass coating does not stop there. It also helps in making your car paint durable. How so? It is because of the glass coating that is created to shield your car’s paint. Aside from that, since there is a thin glass film coated in above your car’s paint, you can also expect a nice sheen for long periods of time. Best of all, products like Aladdin’s Double Shield are non-toxic, so you are in no way contributing to the endangerment of Mother Earth.

How does Aladdin’s Double Shield work?

This car glass coating product works by allowing the Sio or Nano-sized Silica Glass to bind and penetrate with your car’s paint molecules. This will then create a protective layer. On the other hand, the SR or Silicone Resin content of the product is the one covering the glass layer to deliver shine, smoothness, and the water-repelling feature.

Nevertheless, you have to know that nothing lasts forever. After some time, the silicone resin coating will deteriorate progressively. However, this deterioration will not affect your car’s paint because of the glass polymer that was bound to the car paint molecules. Moreover, if you will be using Aladdin’s Double Shield repeatedly or regularly, the glass layer on your car’s paint will thicken and make the surface strength of the car more durable. It can serve to protect the car for a long time. It can also promote a beautiful luster as if it was a newly bought car. All these benefits are only found in Liquid Glass Auto Polish products such as Aladdin’s Double Shield. No other car wax can give you this.


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