Ballbusting Kick: Six Techniques that Double up Pleasure and Pain

Posted by katebrandon250 on October 8th, 2014

The major fun of ballbusting for several men is not in the actual busting as it is in the anticipation of it. The ballbusting kick is often one of the best experienced when the man least expects it from his mistress.  For people that are single and horny, trying out such things shall not be a major issue. But you obviously need to think a lot deeper for something like cbt ballbusting. Though autoeroticism is not a new concept at all, there are several people that are known to bring in new applications into the same.

If you are willing to try out the flavours of ballbusting, here are some new ideas that might help you get going.

Mint Torture

You can let your mistress combine masturbation with torture and instead of using the usual lubes; you might as well start out with minty toothpaste. After some time the cool effect that most minty toothpastes impart will intensify. One of the best things about this minty idea is that once you are involved in it, you just cannot opt out of it. There are several things that can be combined with the minty torture, but nothing surpasses the ecstasy of the ballbusting kick.

Pendulum and oscillation

A small mass can be suspended from a higher level (say a roof point or an elevated place). The weight should hang down to the level of your balls. You can then swing the weight as hard and away from your body as possible. A combination of oscillatory Physics and gravity shall take care of the rest. This is a great way to bust oneself. Close your eyes before the weight strikes for elevated suspense.

A Tin Foil

That is all you need for a unique cock torture session. You will need to take a tin foil and compress it to a sphere with your hands. Once done, wrap the tin foil around your tube and masturbate. Only the bravest men make it to the next level of orgasm. You may ask your mistress to record how long you continue the session. The better the time you record, the better is the performance. This is rather a novel idea in cbt ballbusting that you might try out.

Battery testing

 While things like violet wand and tens units can be a tad too expensive, there is always the option of trying a 9v battery. When the battery makes contact with a damp cock, the results are say pretty jerking.


This is one of the oldest and certainly one of the most painful forms of torture. There are several forms of cock torture and people that have tried it will tell you that there are not many as painful as heels. The heel torture is cost effective and the mistress knows the use better.

Balls that bounce

If you have lately taken to torturing your male sub, this technique is for you. Make your sub sit facing the wall, legs spread in defying directions. Roll a hard on to the wall. If you have a solid aim the ball will come back and hit the man right on the nuts. Though the idea is new, the effect is no different from a ballbusting kick.

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