Facing Breast Cancer Head On

Posted by Lascolinascancercenter on October 9th, 2014

When you hear the words, “you have breast cancer,” the world begins to spin differently. Suddenly you are in a world for which there can be no preparation. There is the terminology of the cancer itself - deciphering the words attached to your diagnosis, your treatment, and your prognosis. And there is the emotion connected with breast cancer; the sadness, the fear, and the worry about what the future holds. There is so much that happens during the initial diagnosis, that it can be difficult to know where to turn first.

When facing breast cancer head on, you will do well if you put a few things in place right off the bat, which includes:

· The Right Medical Team- First and foremost, the right cancer care team will determine your overall experience and most effectively promote your healing. So how do you find the right team? If you have a general doctor with whom you have a relationship and a mutual trust, you can turn first to that doctor for some recommendations. There is also the power of the Internet that allows us to seek out and find the best doctors for our unique circumstances. Online, you can find listings of cancer care doctors as well as real time reviews from patients who have been through exactly what you’re going through now. Be sure to choose a doctor who specializes in breast cancer.

· General Education- With the right doctors you will always have the resources available to learn more about your disease and have your questions answered. Be sure to learn all you can about your diagnosis so that you can be prepared for treatment and will know what questions to ask.

· An Understanding Of The Treatment Plan- The right medical team will be able to help you understand your diagnosis and the treatment plan that you will be following to maximize the potential for cure.

· Putting A Support Team In Place- From friends and family to help get you to and from treatments, to support groups for those who share similar experiences, it’s important to surround yourself with as much support as possible. These are people who will help you to get through this challenging time in your life with a positive attitude and a determination to get healthy.

By taking these important first steps, you are able to put a foundation in place to face a breast cancer diagnosis with all the tools ready for this challenge.

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The Las Colinas Cancer Center is located on the service road of HWY 161 and Las Colinas Boulevard near the Regions Bank. We are located just across the Highway from the Las Colinas Medical Center. We designed the Las Colinas Cancer Center with our patients in mind. From our comfortable waiting room that offers gourmet coffee to our ample and convenient free parking, we try to focus on our patients and their family members every step of the way. Our experienced and trained medical staffs is attentive to detail and our center offers the most advanced cancer fighting technology available in North Texas including on-site PET & CT Scanning. The physicians on staff at our Las Colinas location are Dr. Gregory Echt, Dr. Neeraja Dasari, Dr. James Mackey, and Dr. Kiran Kancharla. Visit lascolinascancercenter.com to know more.

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