Eating Disorder Clinics Provide You a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted by one40 on October 9th, 2014

Eating disorders are real, serious illnesses that can cause dangerous and sometimes fatal consequences when left untreated. However, there are various treatment options that specialised clinics and institutions offer to help those suffering from different levels of eating disorders cope with their condition and return to a healthy life. Therapy, nutritional counselling, group support, and holistic treatment approaches are only some of the best treatment options available to those with eating disorders to help them regain control over their eating habits and eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings associated with the disease. Recovering from an eating disorder is a challenging feat, but not impossible with the help of the right people, the right program, and the right environment.

Residential treatment is often the most effective approach to eating disorders, as they combine holistic treatments and provide a strong and supportive environment, along with round-the-clock care and supervision for patients, which are very important elements of effective treatment. Here are other benefits of being admitted into a proper eating disorder clinic:

  • Eating disorder clinics provide patients with a controlled environment where they can break free from compulsive and somewhat ritualized behaviours. Habits that lead to eating disorders can be very difficult to break without proper assistance and right motivation. In the controlled environment of a residential facility, patients can no longer lie about their eating habits nor can they obsessively check their weight, purge, use laxatives, and do the things they normally do that only worsen their condition. Eliminating their negative impulses gives them the chance to learn/re-learn healthy behaviours.

  • Residential facilities are far from being authoritarian prisons, as what many people think them to be. The truth is these facilities offer supportive and safe environments where patients can be honest with themselves, share their experiences, and be able to express their fears without judgment. Additionally, they get to gain valuable insights from other people going through the same experiences as they are, which is very important to help them cope with their journey to recovery.

  • Lastly, treatment facilities allow patients to be better monitored, giving therapists a chance to take a closer look into their condition and to identify all underlying issues so they can make more appropriate judgments about the treatments and the programs that each patient requires to aid in their full recovery. Medication strategies are more effective when these issues are better addressed.

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This article is written by Dale Conlon, who is associated with One40. One40 is a culmination of all expertise, dedication, compassion, and experience they have gained over the years and enables them to offer clients comprehensive individually tailored addiction and disorder day treatment programs in a tranquil, conducive environment.

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