Putting Together a Comprehensive Treatment Plan for Lung Cancer

Posted by Northtexascancer on October 9th, 2014

The term lung cancer can fill anyone with fear and it’s understandable. Lung cancer is one of the aggressive diseases that can be challenging to treat and can most definitely alter a person’s lifestyle. That’s why putting together a comprehensive plan for treating lung cancer is so important; and it starts with working with the best cancer team that you can find.

It’s important to align yourself with a doctor -and treatment facility - that has experience treating lung cancer specifically. Like any other cancer, lung cancer is unique unto it and needs specific treatment for the best effectiveness. Teams that have experience working specifically with lung cancer know best how to guide their patients through the treatment process.

Once you have a team in place, be sure to educate yourself about the facts surrounding lung cancer and its treatment. Some important things to keep in mind include:

· There are a variety of tests that allow doctors to not only detect and diagnose lung cancer but also establish the type and stage. You may be asked to undergo a bronchoscopy during which a tube is inserted into the chest to collect cell samples, a fine-needle aspiration during which tissue or fluid is removed from the lungs for examination, or sputum cytology which examines the fluid coughed up for the lungs, and more.

· There are two types of lung cancer - small cell lung cancer which is fast spreading (this is the least diagnosed type of lung cancer) and non-small cell lung cancer which is the most diagnosed type of lung cancer and is slow-spreading.

· Treatment for lung cancer will be based on the type of lung cancer that is detected. It may include surgery to remove a tumor, radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of several treatments.

If you know that you are working with a good team, you can relax and know that the treatment plan put in place has been done with your best interests and the most optimal road to recovery in mind.

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North Texas Cancer Center County is located off HWY 51 in front of the Wise Regional Hospital in Decatur, TX. Our center offers a full line of treatment options for patients who want complete quality care including, but not limited to, on-site IMRT Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy. Like all of our other centers, we have created a patient friendly atmosphere within the clinic and have staffed our clinic with experienced and qualified medical professionals. Our board certified radiation oncologist. Dr. Greg Garrett lives and practices in Decatur with his 30 years of experience and frequently consults with Dr. Gregory Echt. The North Texas Cancer Center of Wise also offers ample and convenient free parking to all of our patients and family members. To get more information you can visit our site http://northtexascancercenteratwise.com/

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