Safety Measures During Movie Set Transportation

Posted by PMLogistics on October 9th, 2014

After that shoot in New York City, it is now time to move all of the stuff to another location. This time, in Los Angeles. It is very important that you get everything there because all of the things are needed there. Being in the movie industry, it is part of your job to make sure that everything is done in a timely manner. You may have done this several times already but it is very important that you have a good partner in doing such a very important task. You can rely on companies like Pyramid to help you out when it comes to studio transportation. It is up to you to choose the right company that you feel safe and secure with as movie set transportation is a very important thing. You may need to do movie vehicle transportation so make sure that you go with one that can bring the unit to the new location in one piece.

Here are some safety measures that you can have your whole team follow when it comes to dealing with studio transportation. As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. So go ahead. Read on and learn how movie set transportation can be made a whole lot safer.

· Use the right packing materials. It is highly important that you choose the right packing materials so that everything would arrive in the new location safe and sound. If you need bubble wrap, go ahead and get some. Experts suggest that you use boxes so you can easily label them too. Of course, if you are doing movie vehicle transportation, boxes may not suffice. Find the right packing materials for whatever items you are moving.

· The right clothes help a lot. If you are going to do the packing and the moving today, make sure that you dress appropriately. Being in heels (for women) just may not do the trick. The key here is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and yet be able to protect yourself in cases of accidents. You may look good now but if you are only going to be a lot more prone to accidents because of what you are wearing, then make sure that you put safety as your priority.

· Do the right lifting stances and movements. Lifting can be pretty tiring. Think about your back as lifting puts a heavy strain on it. Make sure that you get help if you need such. If items are too huge, go ahead and use the proper equipment for that. Do not think that you can do everything by yourself.

· Load all items properly. Loading all the items is a huge part when it comes to safety. You would not want items rolling around. You also would not want the lighter items being squished by the heavier ones. So make sure that you put all the heavy items first and if there are items that are fragile, go ahead and tie them down. That should keep them safe and secure during the long drive.

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