How is Bemer therapy so beneficial in back pain reduction?

Posted by health fitness on January 27th, 2021

The setting of magnetic energy Bio Electro is one such modality that has been studied in musculoskeletal disorders. Bemer therapy (bio-electro-magnetic-regulation-energy) is a new care approach using magnetic stimulation with promising results in musculoskeletal pain management. This study tells us to evaluate the efficacy of the electro-magnetic-regulation therapy or Bemer therapy in pain reduction program for the functional results in a type of complex regional back pain syndrome. A well-known organization having the brand name of Atlas Injury to Health envisage that Bemer therapy, based on the effects stated in microcirculation, can be useful in the treatment in the condition of excess back pain occurring.

This study shows that person treated with bemer therapy connected with our rehabilitation center to get better results in the short term, in terms of pain reduction and functional improvement in both the upper and lower limbs, it is the best-developed idea to prevent people from back pain. This therapy can be shown, in combination with traditional rehabilitation programs. This study evaluates the effect of Bemer therapy in patients with knee arthritis and chronic lower back pain in random double-blind designs.

Patients treated at a clinic in Winter Garden received a standard physiotherapy package for 3 weeks followed by Bemer therapy. In patients with lower back pain, the comparison of the results obtained on the first and second visits show a significant increase in test scores. In patients with knee arthritis, the first and second measurement comparisons did not show a significant increase in the parameters mentioned above, while the comparison of the first and third scores revealed a significant increase in the score and in the vitality test on the quality of the living scale.

Beemer technology, advanced technology to get rid of back pain

Our research shows that physical Bemer technology reduces pain and fatigue in the short term in patients with chronic lower back pain, while long-term therapy seems useful in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Electromagnetic fields have been used in healing for centuries and have medical literature for decades. We have confirmed that this therapy has a stimulating effect on callus formation and thus the purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of pulsating electromagnetic fields in pain management activity.

There are only a number of physiotherapy areas that are so controversial in the medical community as this therapy. Many people call it only alternative therapy, while others see it as a treatment for a number of conditions. One reason for this is that the leading medical journal expresses the view on the effect of magnetic therapy used in certain indications. Regarding electromagnetic therapy, pulsating magnetic therapy is widely used, unlike therapy in a static magnetic field.

In the case of pulsing electromagnetic fields, a number of different frequency ranges can be used. The beneficial effect on angiogenesis can play an insignificant role in facilitation. Electro-magnetic-regulation devices) operate with special parameters. Unlike the known magnetic field wave pattern that can be easily explained by the Mathematics formula, Bemer therapy developed by Atlas Injury to Health Center basically applies a specially developed signal pattern to get the best benefits of Bemer therapy in accounts of curing back pain.

Microcirculation status changes are indicated by combining a high-resolution microscope, computer image processing, and measuring micro flow rate using laser reflection spectroscopy. The Bemer device produces maximum magnetic induction for comparison. This study shows that groups treated with Bemer combined with rehabilitation produce better results in the short term, in terms of pain reduction and functional improvement in both the upper and lower limbs.

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