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Posted by wecanmedia on October 10th, 2014

Google, as we all know have updated the Webmaster Guidelines to add low quality guest blog posts as an example of unoriginal content. Matt Cutts made a statement against guest blogging for SEO links in January of this year and this latest move is yet another from Google to condemn low quality guest blogging. Google have been against manipulative tactics in order to build links and this most definitely includes mass guest blogging with low quality content for links and that alone. They’ve been working hard to devalue and punish activities such as this. The question is, does this mean link building itself is on its way out? No it certainly doesn’t but it does mean there are certain methods to incorporate to keep you safe from Google’s updates.

Wecan Media, an SEO COMPANY in MANCHESTER know all there is to know when it comes to SEO and Google’s many moves so who better to go to than the experts themselves. Here Wecan Media give us some handy hints on how best to build future safe links.

Are you chasing quality or quantity?

We all know what’s right and wrong, explain Craig from the DIGITAL Marketing AGENCY in Manchester, more importantly so does Google. Link building pre Penguin was basically a shortcut to ranking but that era is over and done with. Links today should be quality and thankfully it doesn’t take thousands to move the needle. Just a mere handful of links can produce great results. The only way to build these links is through good marketing, no schemes or tricks.

Are you working hard enough?

Matt Cutts has recently said that links should be as a result of sweat and creativity. The point he’s trying to make is that Google wants the links you’ve gained to be earned with hard work. Google wants you to deserve the link, to have worked for it. This is where link building is heading, no more hacking and spam links built across network after network of low quality websites. Your links should be a sign of authority, trust and leadership built through savvy and persuasive promotion.

Diverse tactics for diverse links

Quite rightly so it would be foolish to expect a single tactic is all you need for a great result. Whilst the previous tips are there to help you build solid links, this one is merely to protect you from Google’s changing policies. There are a number of benefits to be had by using diverse tactics too

· Protection from shifting guidelines

· A single tactic is viewed as manipulative

· A single tactic could be spotted as a pattern

· Customised campaigns are more successful

· Diverse strategies tend to result in valuable links

A well trusted SEO Company in MANCHESTER; Wecan Media encourage you to simply follow your instincts when it comes to hard work and strong ethics. It should be no different for your online marketing strategy.

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