Hairless Cat Breeds

Posted by Holmberg Hooper on January 27th, 2021

When this link hear the term "hairless cat breeds," they tend to consider that this cat is totally bald. This is not true because this form of cat actually features a coat of proper down hair that covers its body. Even though these cats have less hair than other types of cats, it doesn't signify it is a hypoallergenic cat breed. People are allergic to some protein which is seen in the saliva of the cat and never the actual hair. One of the very well-known hairless cats will be the Sphynx. In Toronto in 1963 a litter of kittens were discovered that was born without hair. A breeding program was started with your kittens but was discontinued in the late 1970's. In 1978 the past breeding pair was sent to Holland but they would not produce any litters. Kittens that were born without hair on account of natural mutations were bred to the Devon Rex - a cat with hardly any hair. This established a fresh interest in the Sphynx and from now on this different cat breed is recognized for shows by cat fanciers worldwide. Another of such strange looking cats may be the Peterbald cat breed that has the elegant look from the Siamese but minus the hair. The coat of this cat is divided into two groups: bald and hairy. A kitten that falls into the bald category is born without the hair, whiskers and eyebrows and stays like this throughout its entire life. These cats require special care and grooming. Ideally, they should be kept as indoor cats. If able to go outside, an animal-friendly sunscreen must be applied to prevent sunburn. In the cold winter season, they have to be protected against the cold. This can be done by providing fur-lined baskets and tunnels or by dressing the cat in the soft coat. This is but one cat breed that truly takes a bath. As there is no hair to absorb skin oils, the skin is going to be greasy for the touch and breeders recommend a bath twice each week to keep your skin layer in excellent. When bathing this form of cat, just use a veterinary quality product (never human shampoo!) and ensure there are no drafts. Dry the kitty having a soft towel. Before choosing a real cat, look at the special care and grooming that they require. You have to be capable of making the resolve for make sure that your hairless cat is pleased and healthy.

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