Hiring Tips for iPads and Their Security Stands

Posted by sophiasmith on October 10th, 2014

Hiring of ipads for conferences and exhibitions is very common these days. These conference or exhibition ipads are regular ipads, but with the addition of branding and enhanced security. When you are hiring these ipads for conferences or exhibitions, you will have to check if the rental company is providing support on the branding and security measures. By and large, most rental companies will provide with branding and security, but for this they will charge you a higher amount.

Thus, you will have to be prepared to increase the budget when you want the branding and increased security for the rental ipads. If you intend to do branding on the rental ipads, you will have to get in touch with the rental company well in advance. In a typical scenario for conference ipads, you will have to iPad 3 hire as well. There are some rental companies that may offer discounts when you hire more number of ipads, but by and large, you will have to pay an additional sum for the accessories.

Hire conference iPads have increased in the recent months mainly due to the enhanced services of the rental companies. More than supplying rental ipads, these rental companies have taken up the roles of advisors. Each ipad rental company will have sales executives who double up as advisors as well. In your first meeting with the ipad rental company executive, you will have to give all your requirements. The executive will then get back to you with a quote for the rental ipads and the customization applications. If you need special security stands for the rental ipads, then you will have to put that request to the rental company. If the rental company does not have a particular accessory, it will make arrangements for the same and then get back to you. It is important that you make a list of all your requirements and then place it to the rental company—this will save some time during the discussion.

When you are selecting the right kind of hire an ipad for your conference or exhibition, you will have to check out the security stand that will hold the ipad in a firm position. There are some security stands that are build on the principle of ‘one size fits all’. These need to be avoided because ipads are only safe and secure when they are locked on to their own security stands. If you go for a package rental from the ipad rental company, then you will get the rental ipad, ipad security rotating stand, ipad security case and cover, ipad security cable lock, ipad anti glare etc.

When you are selecting the ipad stand for your exhibition, make sure that you rent a rotating stand. This stand is very flexible and it will help the visitors in seeing content from all angles. The ipad security stands are ideal for trade shows where there are many visitors who look to seek information on the product. Ipad security stands are ideal when there are too many security threats anticipated in the trade shows.

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