What are challenge coins and how are they used today

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Representing the strength, dedication, courage, bravery, strong heart, commitment towards work, scarifies and many more and all these works will be rewarded by invaluable challenge coins. Challenge coin exists for many branches of armed force, the proud men and women owning these will know what exactly these coin means and the honour of carrying it. These coins are not limited to the military branches; they can represent any organization and celebration such as police, schools, and sports, fire departments, branded products, wedding and many other groups. You can opt with your own design to create these challenge coins. As per the occasion and purpose many organizations and corporate order these challenge coins as per their requirement.

Significant Challenge coins

•If you wish to award the best employee of the year in your organization, you can give your designs and get it ordered
•Last working day of senior employee in your company, to cherish the sweet memory, team can award his dedication and present challenge coin
•Gone are the days, where clients exchange business cards, they are replaced by challenge coin owning company information and it’s a prestigious too.
•On wedding, new couples exchange challenge coins on their engaged day that stays for life long. Wedding anniversary, in birthday celebration you can see the guests are presented with these coin, as a remembrance of event •In an educational institution, challenge coin acts as a medal for the winners, to build the team spirit and encourages team.
•Reputed brands use these challenge coin with their company symbol. Present to their customers on purchase of their product. In order to make their customer feel proud they use these coins and in turn its product publicity Likewise many organizations and agencies are ordering these challenge coin that as took a place of gifts to reward or present to someone.

If you see the tale of challenge coins, the history dates to First World War on the remembrance of the brave pilot, challenge coin that saved the life of pilot. On the same footsteps these practise is in stay. Let know more when and why these challenge coins are awarded in military forces.

Army Challenge coins

As a token of thanks and appreciation these army challenge coins will be rewarded to the Soldiers. To those who have done an outstanding job in their duty, without least bothering about their lives they have saved numerous lives, to respect and honour them these Army challenge coins will be awarded.

In the special occasion or in national festivals these challenge coin will be presented to the soldiers. Army challenge coin will be engraved with particular unit symbols and if required quote and date of the occasion. Sometimes along with the individual, army challenge coin will also be awarded to their family members for their sacrifices.

Challenge coins thanks for serving our country and protecting our freedom”

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