Military and Navy challenge coins- Moral Enhancers!

Posted by dunitzsantrino on October 10th, 2014

If you see the down pages of the prestigious challenge coins, tale connects to First World War. And as a traditional practise till today, you bow in front of these challenge coin. Challenge coins have always had a long legacy, representing team spirit, camaraderie and coalition. Challenge coins are made of various core metals such as bronze, platinum, aluminium, silver gold, nickel and many more. Comes in different size, shape, dimension and variety of edges, respective unit symbol will be engraved on particular challenge coins. And they exist in all the armed forces, including police, fire fighter, government agencies, brands and association, as business cards and now personalizing challenge coin makes it more special. Below are the different types of challenge coins existing in different departments:-

•Army challenge coins
•Military challenge coins
•Navy challenge coins
•Fire fighter challenge coins
•Coast guard challenge coins
•Marine challenge coins
•Law and enforcement challenge coins
•Police challenge coins
•Custom challenge coins

All these challenge coin come up with unique designs and it owns significant features. It’s a formal rule in the department from long, in unit any team members can challenge the person owning these challenge coin. In case if the challenged person fails to present his challenge coin at the time, he needs to give a drink party to entire units. If he was able to present when asked the challenger should do the same for the complete team. It’s a mandatory rule that the member of the squadron should always carry the coin with him.

Military challenge coin

Military challenge coins are one of the most esteem sign of soldiers, that fetches respect, honour and it’s a kind of pride owning this Military challenge coin. Even the history of these coins dates back to First World War, the existence and the practise are even today and it has enhanced in other organization too. Brave men and women of the department and some time the family members of the individual will also be awarded by these Military challenge coin for their sacrifices.

Military challenge coins are made up of metals such as platinum, nickel, gold, bronze, silver and many other core metals. Possess challenge coins are engraved by symbol of military and related quotes that cherishes the soldier life long.

Navy Challenge coins

The main intention of awarding these Navy challenge coins is to cherish and memorise the sacrifices made by the departmental soldiers. As a reminder and not to let slip their work Navy challenge coins are awarded. Made of many core metals, but nickel is popular among it, engraved with department symbol or sometime the division ship for which particular soldier is working for even that emblem will be engraved as a remembrance. “The blend of rugged and lenient days comes and goes, but our soldiers stay Eternal”

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