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Posted by aimewolf on October 10th, 2014

As the established medical practices are failing to instil a sense of confidence and safety in our minds, we are looking for alternate ways to deal with illnesses that are less harmful to the body. Magnet therapy is one such alternative. No, this is not a recent discovery. Magnotherapy has been a part of mankind’s existence since ages but for the magnet to be able to work to its complete ability it is important that they are charged to the specific degree. Not all products can assure you of this, hence, the trust on the Bioflow magnotherapy products. The magnetic bracelets, when they are worn, produce a magnetic field that is not just powerful but also capable of penetrating deep and positively affecting the blood circulation.

Bioflow and magnet therapy

If you are thinking that magnotherapy products will cure an ailment, then you are on the wrong side of the road. And, if any seller assures you of such a result, they are surely taking you for a ride. Bioflow products have been known to alleviate the symptoms. With improved blood flow, a certain degree of health benefit is surely to be expected. Taking into consideration the fact that these magnet therapy products are designed in such a way that maximum effects can be observed by applying a degree of magnetic field to the blood flow, you can expect wonderful results within a few days of wearing the bracelet. 

Benefits of wearing a magnotherapy bracelet

The popularity and demand of the magnetic bracelets speak for their credibility and effects among the users. And, we are not just talking about the customers from the UK. They have a global customer base and one that is loyal to their products only. The magnet that is produced here utilizes a pattern of magnetism that is unique to these products. It creates a magnetic field with properties that are seen in professional magnet therapy treatments. The magnetic field in multi directional, strong and bi-polar – a combination of these three features will surely be capable of producing great health benefits for the wearer.

These magnet therapy products are known to be effective. This has been possible by the effort that Bioflow has put into developing a patented magnet module which uses Central Reverse Polarity (CRP). What this means in a layman’s language is that the electromagnetic resonance that is the basis of professional magnotherapy treatment, creates a pulsed magnetic field, and it is this field that can is recreated using CRP.

However, there are certain important considerations which need to be remembered before using a magnet therapy product from Bioflow. For instance, if you are using an insulin pump or pacemaker or any other such electrical device, you should refrain from using these products. The magnetic field may cause hindrances in their proper functioning. Also, it is recommended that you consult with your magnotherapy physician well, informing them of your medical condition and treatments as well as any other health approach that you may have undertaken alongside. Using magnotherapy bracelets will help in lessening the symptoms but you still need to go to a doctor if you are under treatment for some ailment.

An alternative treatment method, the magnet therapy has been popularised by magnotherapy products from the house of Bioflow.

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