5 Things to Know Before Buying a Refurbished Cell Phone

Posted by sprmwholesaler on October 10th, 2014

When a brand new phone is simply out of your budget, there are other ways by which you can get a hold of the model that you desire. Brand new cell phones are getting more expensive with every new release, which makes refurbished models very attractive to those who don't have enough budget to get a brand new unit. Refurbished cell phones are not necessarily defective phones. These units have been returned to the manufacturer or the cell phone provider because of a fault in the hardware or software, and then repaired to a condition that they can be used again. Here are things that you should consider when buying a refurbished phone from your chosen supplier:

Cell phones have an average life expectancy of about 18 months. This is why manufacturers release new models roughly every 6 months to a year to compensate. Considering an average cell phone's life expectancy and how quickly new phone models are released, it is often more practical to buy refurbished units than paying the full price for a brand new phone that you will only be using for 18 months or so. Refurbished phones are not only cheaper to buy—they are also widely available from trusted distributors.

Buying refurbished phones also contribute to green living. With more than 170 million cell phones discarded and replaced each year, most phones end up in the world's trash. Purchasing refurbished phones promotes recycling of used units.

Refurbished phones have obvious cost advantages. By choosing refurbished units, you get current models at a significantly lower price (sometimes as low as half the full price of a brand new model). A lot of buyers purchase refurbished phones to last them until the next upgrade for the model they want becomes available.

There are 3 types of refurbished phones available in the market, namely, standard, factory, and reseller refurbished phones. Quality and price of these phones largely depend on who refurbished the unit. Only manufacturer-refurbished phones commonly come with warranties to cover repairs to the phone.

Lastly, consider the phone you are buying instead of looking solely at the price. While lower price is definitely the main selling point of these phones, don't settle for a model with the lowest price possible. Carefully consider whether or not the phone is right for your needs in terms of features and benefits. The cheapest phone is not always the right phone for your needs.

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MR Tom Nativ is the owner of S-PRM which is a premier wholesale refurbished mobile phones provider. They sale refurbished cell phones in bulk. Before shipping they test and inspect these cell phones properly. 

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