Army and Navy challenge coin- The performance of Elite group and strong bonding

Posted by dunitzsantrino on October 10th, 2014

Challenge coins shine only in the few arms those who deserve them, courageous, dedicated serving their nation, expertise and committed to safeguard their country as well as their fellow members. The traditional practise of awarding these challenge coins will remain with the gainer for life long. The coins are manufactured in various size, shapes and dimension, with own department symbol, occasion date, if required quote.

Nowadays, you can order for your own designs, you should let know the purpose, dedicated experts and companies will come up with unique and innovation designs. Later you can finalise the design and order it, they ship it within 5 days and free shipping to the provided address. If you want you can request for quotes related to occasions, some reputed challenge coin designers also have free quote servicing and if you order in bulk you will get 10 % discount also.

Army challenge coins- Represents Bond

These challenge coins will be awarded as a token of thanks and appreciation, along with that army challenge coins represents much more than belonging to a particular group. Because all the armed forces need to work in a team, they often work very closely day and night. Rely on each other in missions where total isolation is necessary, and unknowingly a strong bond or network will be developed. Many individuals dedicate the army challenge coins to their entire unit who worked on the particular mission.

The army challenge coin received mean many things and special meaning to the member of the group, but the engraved insignia or text represents their branch army. This coin is one of the most highly regarded coins of member of the armed forces.

Navy challenge coins- Represents Elite group

The proud men and women of navy department receive Navy challenge coin with great honour that boosts extra strength to their work. In general people say hard work and efforts will never get unnoticed, one or other day you will be rewarded for that. Same happens in Navy department, as a remainder of the sacrifices made by the team and members of the unit will be cherished by presenting Navy challenge coins.

Navy challenge coin will be engraved with official ranks of the soldier along with department symbol and so. Sometime this coin will also be presented to the family members of the individual for their sacrifices. Family members preserve these coins that hand down from one generation to the next as a symbol of the bravery of grandfathers, fathers, sons and uncles. Among many metals used for manufacturing challenge coins, nickel is popular for navy challenge coins.

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