WPC Certificate: License to import wireless equipment

Posted by Vicky Kumar on January 27th, 2021

Connections without truly having a physical connection – is the thing everybody is seeking these days. No, we are not talking about virtual dating, neither are talking about marriage (no connection is left after it whatsoever). But rather, we are talking about establishing connection without the need of wires, or wireless connection. 

Wireless is a phenomenon that have existed forever. From your simple remote controlled TVs to your RC cars. However, those are the things of vanity. Now, the concept of connecting without wire has transcended to internet connection as well. Your Wi-Fi routers, your Bluetooth devices – these are the best products that are hot these days. 

And importing them has just been made easier with WPC Certificate. Provided by the Wireless Planning Commission, WPC license or certificate is the Equipment type approval a wireless equipment has to get before it’s allowed to be imported and sold in India. 

In this article, we are going to dive deep into this license and tell you how you can obtain it easily. 

What is WPC Certificate?

WPC Certificate, full form Wireless Planning Commission license is the authorization to import wireless telecom equipment in India. To foster international trade, while maintaining the sanctity of the nation, the Central government, via the Department of Telecommunication, setup the WPC wing to:

  1. Ensure that the products entering India are of good quality. 

  2. Ensure that the wireless products are working within the de-licensed bands. 

Working in De-licensed bands is the most important factor that a wireless product has to fulfil. It ensures that frequencies don’t cross each other – creating issues for other equipments. 

Products that require the ETA certificate

The WPC certificate of import or the ETA import is required my many wireless products, especially those used in communication. However, even among them, there are two particular products that require more scrutiny than most:

  1. Bluetooth Equipment: from transferring songs and files to changing whole lives, Bluetooth is an instrument that aided in fulfilling our project and music needs, and now plays the role of wirelessly connecting our wireless headphones to our cell phones. It’s one equipment that needs the ETA approval at all times. 

  2. Wi-Fi routers and related products: What would you do without Wi-Fi, you’d have to resort to using your mobile data? As an office worker, I seek particular delight in tapping into office Wi-Fi, and use the connection to research articles like this one. The one that we use is not made in India. So, you can easily say that you won’t have come to this article if it wasn’t for the WPC import license. 

While there are many other products that require the WPC certificate for import, it’s the above two that are the most common, and have the most ability to damage the internal security. Which is why, WPC eta approval is mandatory for them. 

Remember that the license is only meant for import purposes. For domestic manufacturers, there is equipment type approval exemption to enjoy. 

Procedure to get the WPC Certification India

Following is the process of obtaining WPC ETA approval in India:

  1. Get the product radio frequency tested at an accredited lab

  2. Prepare the required documents

  3. File the WPC certificate application. 

  4. Monitor the progress

  5. Conduct a follow up with the WPC wing.

  6. Get the WPC ETA approval. 

Documents required to complete the above process

In order to get the license, following documents are needed to be attached with the application:

  1. Radio frequency Test report

  2. product description

  3. Online fee receipt

  4. Authorization letter 

  5. Undertaking 

  6. Certificate of Incorporation of your company

  7. PAN card of the company


WPC ETA list lists those who have acquired the license for importing wireless telecom equipment into India. If you want to make it to that list, you need to have read the above. And if you’re looking for consult, be not afraid to come to us. We are consultants for your WPC needs. 

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