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Posted by Johny Dean on October 10th, 2014

Northern Ireland has incredibly beautiful places that are well worth visiting. If you are planning a trip in this area, you shouldn’t miss Portrush, a wonderful city that is located on a peninsula, with an amazing coastline and quite a variety of tourist attractions. If you are worried about the budget, you can choose one of the self catering apartments Portrush accommodation companies offer, which are reasonably priced and very conveniently placed.

Many people keep postponing their holiday plans every year because they believe they cannot afford investing in some good memories. But holidays can be much less expensive than you might imagine, as long as you make the right choices and you know how to plan them. First of all, instead of choosing the large and very popular tourist destinations, you could do a little research and see whether you can find a place you would enjoy amongst the smaller and less famous towns with equally important tourist potential. A week in a small, but very beautiful seaside resort such as Portrush, for example, might prove a much better choice than several days on the French Riviera. You can find quite many convenient holiday rentals Portrush. It won’t be difficult to rent one of the nice, self catering apartments Portrush and enjoy a great holiday.

Besides the fact that you can spend less on accommodation, as holiday rentals Portrush can be significantly cheaper than a hotel, you can also reduce your expenses on food and drinks. You will probably want to enjoy the luxury of having dinner in a nice restaurant once or twice during your holiday. However, it might prove very costly if you take all your meals from fast-food chains or pubs. But if you choose to rent one of the self catering apartments Portrush accommodation companies offer, you can do some shopping at regular super-markets and cook yourself, which will cost you much less than the other alternatives.

Moreover, you can cook together with the friends with whom you are travelling, which can be genuinely fun and a great bonding activity. Thus, you will not only spend little money, but you will also get to know each other better and make more memories.
There is one aspect to which you should pay attention, though, when you are looking for holiday rentals Portrush: try to find a place that is reasonably close to the indoor venues and to the outdoor tourist attractions. Otherwise, you will end up either wasting too much time on your way from here to there, either spending the money you have managed to save by choosing this type of accommodation on transportation. It shouldn’t be very difficult to find self catering apartment Portrush situated near the downtown area and with easy access to all sorts of entertaining facilities. Since Portrush is a small resort, anyway, distance should not be a problem no matter where you find your accommodation, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t try to find the most conveniently placed apartments for rental.

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