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Posted by tedmark on October 11th, 2014

Art is a visual medium of expression and needs to be displayed. Art gallery is a place where paintings as well as other art forms like sculpture, decorative art, drawings, art installations and photographs are exhibited. Public art galleries or museums display a wide variety of artwork for the viewing of general public whereas a private gallery exhibits art for the purpose of commerce. Art Calgary refers to the visual art forms like paintings, printmaking, photography, charcoal or oil painting originating from the geographical area of Calgary. Art as a form is intrinsic to human nature right from when men became civilized and is now deeply embedded in our culture.

The history of art galleries can be traced back to medieval period but the modern form of private art gallery came into existence from 17th century. These were mostly collections of artefacts of private individuals which were displayed for the common man to see. Major cities of the world boast of famous art galleries where renowned artists’ works are displayed. Such an art gallery is a boon for students of art as well as art lovers. Art Calgary is unique as it portrays the heritage of the inhabitants who came from across the Atlantic and from every corner of the world.

An art gallery displaying contemporary modern art in today’s context is solely for the purpose of exhibition and sale. A further extension of such galleries is the online art gallery which host a collection of artwork from assorted artists from in and around Calgary. Even art forms of the Inuits or the aborigines of Canada are also displayed in the online portals. Art critics, connoisseurs and buyers of modern art virtually flock to these online galleries. Art Calgary includes collections of outstanding landscape paintings; excellent prints collection of renowned Canadian printmakers; display of First Nations and Inuit art and illustrations from Canada. The subject of the artwork can range from nature to animals to astronomy or portraying different moods of children.

Online art gallery is quite common in Calgary. These offer an excellent platform for emerging and established artists to display their creations. Photographs of fine art, original charcoal artwork, oil paintings are all available. The artists’ information enables a connoisseur to contact an artist directly and thus this online gallery of art Calgary is a perfect platform for both buyer and seller interaction. You can even contact an artist of your choice to enquire about his further works.

An art gallery which is online is the best platform for artwork where you can see hundreds of illustrations together. The choice for buyers is huge and the market for sellers is equally lucrative. Both buyers and sellers are safe as the companies have escrow policy and the payment is withheld till the customer is satisfied completely. Good online art galleries are bound by strict terms and conditions for legal issues. Art Calgary is featured widely on websites and e-trade in art is nowadays an easy option to regular transaction. So now you can easily appreciate artwork from this part of the world and buy when you are interested.

Art Calgary highlights the wide variety of Canadian art that is appreciated worldwide. A great art gallery is a treasure house for the entire society.

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