Choosing BFT made gates and doors over others pays off well at the end

Posted by aimewolf on October 11th, 2014

 Now that a number of homes are coming up, many of them unfortunately lack proper security features that make it easily accessible for thieves and trespassers. Whether you are the owner of a plush flat or a great villa, tightening safety aspects are a must. The gate automation industry is fast climbing the ladder as plenty of security accessories are now flooding the market. Names such as BFT, BPT, FADINI and the like are increasingly becoming common. So you can contact the manufacturers of these companies and order for sturdy electric gates or even get it customized for your need.

Among the security accessories, gate automation kits are highly beneficial. You can choose from a vast range available to gate specialists. Most homeowners control these electric gate remote controls and the optional intercom function, which allows them to fully control anybody stepping on their property.  For getting a clearer idea about the automation systems and features, look below:

How do these systems work?

The typical automated gates use an opener or operator. If you think of relying on BFT, it is indeed a wise move. The device of the company is equipped with motor and works to open and close the panels. What many fail to understand here is that different types of gates work with different openers.

Connected to the panels via a set of moving metal parts, which make the opening or closing possible, this is the entire mechanism of these openers. However, variations exist as regards the parts and mechanisms of gates are concerned. Most of the modern openers have a receiver and a transmitter. The latter thankfully makes the task of opening and closing easy and quick. This is akin to a remote control meant for the gate.

What about the security features?

Modern systems for security automated gates have openers that use rolling code technology. One can change the access code automatically after every opening and closing. Thieves usually find difficulty with such advanced systems. You can expect to find these in companies like BFT and BPT for they use advanced methods.

Since the motors of openers are irreversibly geared, there are difficulties for people to force the gate open. As a user, you can choose to add anything from a traditional lock to a magnetic one or even an entry keypad. With a traditional lock, one can be assured of reliability but not essentially convenient for use. The magnetic lock makes the task difficult to open owing to the force applied. The best is the entry keypad as it provides security and convenience simultaneously.

Nowadays, the intercom is one with a standard security feature. Sometimes, people choose to add a camera and that is connected to a monitor inside the house. This acts as a catalyst for ensuring top-notch security.

Regardless of your needs and requirements, settling in for a proper company as regards such high-tech gates and doors are concerned is always important. Even manufacturers of BFT and its competitors report a considerable rise in their sales figures of products.

Interested in getting BFT manufactured automated gates and doors? We are one of the main suppliers of Gate Automation products from competitive companies as BFT, BPT and the like.

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