Is It Safe to Use Cloud Based Purchase Order Software?

Posted by articlelink01 on October 12th, 2014

All these vulnerabilities, however, should not stop you from investing in cloud based purchase order software.

One, as long as you’re getting the program from a reputable vendor, you know that they will do their best to secure your data. They spend thousands of dollars a year to make sure that their IT infrastructure is impenetrable. Their business and reputation depend on their success in this area so they are as vested in continual security upgrades as you are.

Two, most of the security breaches are actually committed by people inside your business. For example, if you’ve accessed the purchase order software through an insecure network it makes your data vulnerable to attack. Changing passwords regularly and monitoring your accounts for any suspicious activity can help stop any breaches due to employee carelessness.

Although nothing ever guarantees your data’s safety, there are many ways to significantly reduce the likelihood and procedures in place to quickly resolve and protect data if something like that should happen.

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