Bath room customization

Posted by aihw on January 27th, 2021

Bath room customization

1. Look at the thickness and weight of the glass

Relatively spacious shower space should also consider its thickness and load-bearing when choosing glass, do not choose too thick, the glass area is too large, the weight will not be good, generally 8MM is enough.

2. Look at the hardware hinges and beams

When choosing a frameless shower room, hardware hinges and beams are the key. To be safe, choose a glass with a thickness of 10mm, which will be safer after filming. In fact, there are additional alloy beams on the top of the fence, and the other ends of the beams are fixed on the walls on both sides, which is a lot safer and more stable.

3. Look at the material and certificate

You can carefully observe whether there are sand holes, scratches, etc. on the surface of the aluminum alloy material; whether the tempered glass is transparent, whether there are blisters, knots, etc.; hardware accessories include handles, pull rods, pulleys and bases, etc., and the plating layer on the surface is also High smoothness, no blistering and anti-corrosion is better; in the production process, focus on the seam between aluminum and tempered glass, the fit and tightness of the tempered glass door and waterproof glue, and the material and wheel seat of the guide pulley According to industry insiders, the hardness of qualified shower room aluminum must be at least 12 degrees, and the thickness must be at least 1.2mm. The glass aluminum must be above 1.5mm when hanging on the rails. You can usually press the aluminum by hand. The frame is used to test the hardness of the aluminum material. You can also do pull-ups on the aluminum material of the shower room to test the strength of the aluminum material and the overall firmness of the shower room. It can focus on checking whether there are 3C certification marks, product quality inspection certificates and patent certificates on the original tempered glass. Among them, 3C certification is the abbreviation of China Compulsory Product Certification.

4. Look at pulleys and levers

If you buy a shower room with a sliding door, you can test whether the pulley is smooth when pulled, whether the pulley and the aluminum track are tightly matched, whether it is easy to fall off when impacted by external forces, etc., whether water vapor is easy to enter the wheels, etc.; secondly, the shower room It is recommended that the tie rods should be selected with strong stability, such as loop tie rods, straight tie rods, and diagonal tie rods.

The main body of the shower room is mostly made of tempered glass. The long-term erosion of various alkaline bath water will cause yellow scale to adhere to the glass of the shower room. When cleaning, you can spray a special glass cleaner and wipe it with a dry cloth to be as bright as new. For the small hardware parts connected to the various parts of the shower room, do not use any cleaning agents to clean them, so as to avoid corrosion and affect their service life. The simplest way is to wipe off the dust and dirt with a dry cloth every week to keep them clean.

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