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Posted by Johny Dean on October 12th, 2014

Photography is an art and photographers are artists. They use cameras to capture interesting images that can be, sometimes, similar to paintings. In general, photography is performed as a recreational activity, but other times it can be a very good source of income.

Photographers who want to transform their passion into a profession need to take some photography classes, buy a good camera to take photos with and learn from the masters. This last thing can be achieved by experiencing the art of photography by the side of an already seasoned photographer.

An easy way to start the photography adventure is by photographing still products; pieces of furniture are perfect for this task. Furniture represents all the objects that we have in our home or office and that are designed for relaxation, storage or work. Some of the most common pieces of furniture that can be photographed for commercial purposes are beds, sofas, tables, chairs and desks.

Furniture photography may be easier to attempt in comparison to other types of photography, but a photographer still needs to have the right skills and equipment to perform it the right way. And the first challenge the photographer has to overcome is the one imposed by lighting.

Pieces of furniture may be still, but if the photographer does not capture them properly, allowing them to showcase their advantages, they can be a real problem. To present them as they truly are, the photographer must create a space where the light is exposed evenly.

For a perfect furniture photography, he also needs to minimise glare and use a long lens or, at least, the longest that is appropriate for a given room or office. Editing photos after being taken is important, too, but it is even more important to take good photos that would not need too much editing.

In many cases, pieces of furniture need to be photographed along with people. This is a new challenge for a photographer, because the lighting that is used to photograph a table or a cabinet may not be the one needed to perfectly photograph a person standing near it.

To reach perfection in commercial photography, photographers need more than a good camera, lighting and photo editing software; they also need talent, passion for what they do and patience, since multiple photos may have to be taken until the white one is shot.

Photographing pieces of furniture can happen indoor or in a garden, park, mountainous area or river valley. Just as indoor furniture photos, so photos that are taken in an outdoor location may have to be repeated, until the right one breaks through. Commercial photography can be a difficult realm, but only for those who do not have the spark needed to create memorable photos.

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