Prom shopping from an online dress boutique? How?

Posted by AllmaJess on October 13th, 2014

Prom night has to be one of the most special nights for any young girl and it shouldn’t be any different for you. Dressing up for prom night and getting the makeup and accessories right it absolutely important. You cannot miss on this count. It is possible that the dress boutique you visited didn’t have the kind of clothes you are looking for. But there is no need to compromise. This is because you have the option of clothes online shopping.

Before you start hunting for another dress boutique or opt for clothes online shopping, there is one critical aspect that you need to know. You need to know the kind of prom dress you should wear depending upon the shape and size of your body. Research has shown that bodies of most women can fall into six categories – apple shaped, busty, hourglass shaped, pear shaped, petite and slender. Yours should fall into one of these categories. Once you identify your body shape and size, consider dressing up as per the information given below.

Apple shaped

For an apple shaped body, it is best to wear clothes with empire waist. With a higher waistline, such a dress will not be difficult to fit into your waist area and will also be able to distract attention from here. If you have legs to show, opt for a short dress.


If you are busty, you should visit a dress boutique and look for a dress with fuller coverage for extra support and a gorgeous neckline. Consider dresses that attract attention to the hem and not to your bust.

Hourglass shaped

This is the perfect figure to have and you can choose any dress that you like. Nothing will look bad on you because you have nothing to hide and you can safely opt for clothes online shopping.

Pear shaped

Fitted tops with skirts in A-line or full style are highly recommended when you have a pear shaped body. If your backside is not too projected, even form fitting dresses should go well.


Petite shapes look best with a long fitted dress. You can even choose a dress with asymmetrical hemline that shows a bit of your legs. These dresses will make you look taller and underwhelm your frame. You can also look to choose a ruffled dress if you want to look taller.


If you have a slender frame, consider a dress that accentuates your curves and draws attention to your bust. You may want to look at a dress with a belt or a wrap dress to highlight your waist.

Choose from these style tips if you want to look at your best on the prom night. Remember that you want to look elegant and fashionable so that you are able to attract the right attention. With the right kind of dress bought from a fashionable dress boutique, you will not have issues with your dad too. Consider clothes online shopping so that you can choose from the widest range of options.

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