Protesting farmers breach Red Fort: Violence at R-Day Tractor Rally

Posted by Latest News on January 27th, 2021

The R-Day tractor rally led by thousands of farmers protesting the 3 new farm bills led to several violent clashes between the protesters and the police. Even though the tractor rally was intended to be a peaceful protest, several farmers were seen breaking police barricades and vandalising vehicles.

Hundreds of rogue protesters breached the Red Fort around 02:30 pm and hoisted their flag. Police were reportedly removing the flags while trying to push the crowd out of the monuments’ premises.

Reports surfaced that the farmers attacked the police personnel assigned to duty at the Red Fort and one was severely injured.

Thousands of farmers and tractors were seen on the roads around ITO as they deviated from the route assigned to them for the tractor march by the police. Protesters were spotted chasing policemen with sticks and ramming their tractors into police vehicles. This resulted in several injuries on both ends.

Meanwhile, the New Delhi Traders Association announced on Tuesday that Connaught Place will remain closed following the violent nature of the R-Day tractor parade.

“The tractor parade has gone haywire. The farmers have already reached ITO. I spoke to Police Commissioner and it was advised the markets remain closed. We have asked the outlets, which would have opened by now, to close down,” The President of the Association, Atul Bhargava told news agency PTI.

The Delhi Police granted permission to the farmers to hold their tractor parade on Republic Day only after the official event concluded at the Rajpath. However, incidents of violence led to clashes between the protestors and the police.

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