5 Different Parts of a Lighting Fixture and Why They’re Important

Posted by LightsOnline on January 27th, 2021

The lighting fixtures in your home help you create spaces that are comfortable, elegant and inviting. To use your lighting to its full potential, you should know the impact made by each component of a lighting fixture. You’ll be able to select the best lighting for your home and surprise your family and friends with your newfound knowledge. Here are the five components to know.


The shade and its fitter are usually the first thing you notice about a lighting fixture—if it has them. Shades help diffuse the light and softly disperse it throughout the room. There are three components of a shade that you may be familiar with: the shade, the fitter and the shade holder. Shades can be clear, opaque or have a gauze-like quality. When browsing chandeliers for sale, the shade itself might be the most important aspect for you because shade styles can help you determine where to place a particular chandelier in your home. (For example, in a space where you want very focused and directed light, you may want an opaque shade.)


The canopy may not be the very first part of a lighting fixture that you notice, but it’s certainly capable of grabbing your attention. It’s the part of the fixture mounted to the wall or ceiling, covering the electrical box. The canopy can be very decorative and ornate or simple and unassuming, depending on the fixture, and may play an essential part in determining what style of fixture to feature in your home.

Chain or Rod

A chain or rod connects the canopy of your lighting fixture to the socket and fitter. While not every lighting fixture uses a chain or rod, when you are shopping for dining room chandeliers, the chain, rod or cord certainly can contribute to the overall style of a lighting fixture.


You are probably already familiar with a lighting socket. The socket is the part of the fixture where the bulb is installed. It’s often referred to when a person needs to change a lightbulb, so it’s a fairly common term. The socket size indicates what type of base you need for the bulb in your lighting fixture—standard and candelabra are the two most common bulb sizes.


You may think that a lightbulb is just a lightbulb, but there are different types of bulbs with different opacities, wattages, lumens and functionalities. The bulb is essential to the process of selecting living room, bedroom and dining room chandeliers, as it determines how the room is lit and can have an impact on the type of chandelier you purchase.

Whether you’re choosing Minka Aire fans, dining room chandeliers or pendant lights, knowledge of these five components can help you to make an educated decision about which lighting fixtures belong in your home and understand how each component enhances your lighting experience.

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