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Hotel management is that branch of studies and business that deals with the various functional activities regarding the working of a hotel and other such activities. These include public strategy, financing, revenue management, sales, etc. The branch of hotel management deals with the processing of anything related to the hotel industry. To get accomplished as a hotel manager, one has to secure a bachelor's degree and bag for a substantial range of experience. Furthermore, along with the degree or the diploma one may opt for courses that include- economics, accounting, finance, marketing, catering management, hospitality, etc. one can obtain a degree from various hotel management colleges, such as Hotel Management, is one such hotel management college in Kolkata.

Where did the concept of Hotel Management evolve from?

In the 17th century, in America, inns were established and maintained to provide and take care of the needs of travelers. Initially, these inns were built to provide just the very essential needs of travelers. But, later the managing evolved and the owners started providing them with a wider variety of services along with the evolution of a wider payment of prices in exchange for these services. Since that time, this branch has been evolving, and now, one can opt for 5-stars hotels as well.

Some of the factors that have to be continuously followed by the ones involved with the branch of hotel management are as follows:

1.     The strategies for hotel marketing: Hotel management strategies are the pillars of the field of hotel management. There are various techniques and strategies involved in the field of hotel management which work for increasing the revenue as well as for letting their individual business to a larger mass of people. There exists continuous competition in this industry, and thus, knowledge about the various effective strategies is extremely crucial for outdo each other in this industry.

2.     The application of Revenue Management: While the importance of Revenue Management is well understood by the people dealing in the branch of hotel management, there is a lack of application of such knowledge. In these recent times of constant unsettledness of priorities, demands, patterns of booking, and marketing trends, the execution of the revenue management strategies holds paramount importance.

3.     Being aware of the latest trends in marketing: Another pivotal factor in the hotel management industry is of keeping up with the newest trends that involve marketing. To keep up with the high competition of this epoch, proficiency in the latest trends in marketing is a key aspect.

Knowledge about the trends of technology: Technology has been a great assistance in the evolution of the hotel management branch. The field depends on technology either directly or maybe indirectly. So, moving along with the tech trends is highly beneficial for this field.

The students who want to pursue their career in hotel management are provided with the knowledge and training from hotel management colleges such as hotel management college in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. about such factors that are needed in this field of the hotel industry. There are some of the best hotel management colleges in Kolkata that assist in providing such jobs to the students pursuing hotel management as their career.

The hotel industry provides a wide range of job opportunities. This includes:

·        Hotel manager

·        Event organizer

·        Catering manager

·        Restaurant manager

·        Accommodation manager

·        Travel agent

·        Retail manager

Presently, the field of hotel management has been a great career option. One may pursue this particular field through the management colleges, also called hotel schools. There are many such  Hotel Management School in Kolkata, Delhi, Karnataka, Mumbai, and all over the country, because of the vastness of the job opportunities in this field.

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