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Posted by dawson12 on October 13th, 2014

The effects of meditation happen in different levels. It offers healing from diseases, de-stresses a person’s mind and helps one lead a meaningful life. You may be someone who is enjoying all these benefits today. But, a majority of people tend to shy away from going to a meditation retreats. The initial trouble to focus only on the movement of one’s body becomes a tough job for many. However, they fail to understand that meditation can offer outweigh all the troubles may face in the initial stage. If you are one among them, go to a California retreat center designed for the purpose. The tips given below too would address all your concerns in this regard.

What meditation retreats can give you?

As mentioned above, the benefits of meditation retreats are manifold. Here is a brief description of some of them.

  1. 1.       Meditation boosts your immune system

Studies reveal that long-term meditation will strengthen the body’s immune system. Scientists from Ohio University have found out that the muscle relaxation which one gains at the time of meditation minimizes the possibility of breast cancer. The great thing is that this is a gift offered to everyone irrespective of age or gender.  When it comes to older people, meditation slows down or stops the growth of tumors. It even protects them from virus and other harmful microorganisms.

  1. 2.       It increases fertility

Scientists also say that women who practice regular meditation tend to conceive in their periods than those who don’t meditate. Fifteen minutes spent on meditation is reported to have a positive impact on men too; their sperm count decreases.

  1. 3.       It makes you calmer

For someone who meditates on a daily basis, an upsetting thought is just another among the paths mind travels. But, it starts controlling a person who does not relax at least fifteen minutes a day.

Despite all these benefits, your tight timeframe may make it difficult to set aside time for meditation, even for a few minutes. When you are on a retreat, you allow yourself to be freed from the pressures and demands of life. When combined with professional supervision, meditation becomes your habit within a few days. You would also be taught how to maintain the momentum even in a busy life.

Don’t procrastinate. Allow your body to recuperate from the damages you have caused before it becomes unable to do it on your own. And, this is just a small overview. There are numerous other benefits a California retreat center for meditation has in store for you. Let meditation renew and strengthen you.

Mission San Luis Rey The Best Place to Meditate

The search for a great location to meditate would definitely take you to Mission San Luis Rey. The Franciscan retreat center is located Oceanside, California. The programs like quiet Monday, regular mass, bible study and other activities are sure to make your time here worthwhile. You would definitely fall in love with this California retreat center! More info find at Mission Website.

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