These 5 thoughts are killing your motivation

Posted by pqseo14 on October 13th, 2014

We all live in a world where it’s hard to do things differently. We may have dreams, but pursuing dreams need persistence, resources, luck, and what not. As the result, hopelessness grows and we lose on our aims and goals. However, there is one thing that keeps us moving towards our goal no matter what the circumstances and setbacks we come across in the journey. That thing is the motivation.

Motivation is derived from our thoughts and they, only, have tendency to kill motivation. We have to be mindful of these thoughts if we have to keep ourselves motivated. Here are 5 thoughts that you need to be aware of to be able to ignore them and experience internal power known as motivation:

I’m not lucky enough to get the opportunities

This is a delusional thought. It keeps you away from the reality. It keeps you away from motivation. You must realize that opportunities don’t knock at your door; they must be found and earned. There might have been times when you deserved something and someone else was awarded with it but, fact is you can’t shed tears on it for whole of your life.

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