How Vitiligo Skin Treatments Can Give You A New Lease On Llife

Posted by pharmacystore on October 14th, 2014

Have you been diagnosed with Vitiligo? Or do you have a loved one who has? Many people who live with vitiligo are observed to develop a lowered sense of self-esteem, due to the uneven appearance their skin may take on. Many people adjust their lifestyles to be more isolated.

This is wrong. You can enjoy your life with as much abandon as before with the help of effective skin treatment for vitiligo.

What Is The Treatment For Vitiligo?

Vitiligo skin treatment may be one particular type of treatment, or may be a combination of treatments depending on the degree of development of vitiligo in the patient. Your dermatologist will formulate a plan ranging from simple cosmetic cover-up tools, to light and laser therapy, to even surgery if you are an adult and require it. The first treatment that will always try, however, is the topical treatment for vitiligo.

What Is Topical Treatment Of Vitiligo?

When your doctor prescribes medicines such as corticosteroid as a vitiligo skin treatment, then he is suggesting that you undergo a topical treatment for vitiligo. Through topical treatments, you directly apply a cream that contains the corticosteroid medicine which returns brown color pigments your skin.

Another form of medication available is monobenzone. The use of this cream results not in the re-pigmentation, but the depigmentation of the skin cells. While corticosteroid creams an effective form of treatment to restore lost skin color, using monobenzone results in removing the brown pigment from your skin cells, thereby giving you an even shade.

Since vitiligo is a condition that is known to largely affect people with dark-skin pigments, such as people of African and Asian descent, corticosteroids is looked as an a more effective treatment for vitiligo.

The side effects of using corticosteroids may include the decay and degeneration of the skin after too much use for over a year. For this reason, the use of corticosteroids as  skin vitiligo treatment need to be strictly observed.

Creams that contain Vitamin D are also recommended by dermatologists as a topical treatment for vitiligo. Getting as much sun as possible on a constant basis is considered to be a small-scale free vitiligo treatment.

“Vitiligo Skin Treatment Gave Me A New Outlook On Life”

Maya Feldman is a 40 year old woman, who has been living with vitiligo for twenty five years. She tells us how light therapy along with the use of topical treatment for vitiligo changed her life.

“For many years, I was too hesitant to use any form treatment for my vitiligo. I was under the impression that using any type of vitiligo skin treatment would result in harsh side effects on my skin. I thought that I would just cover up the depigmentation with the use of tanners.

My dermatologist eventually took matters into his own hands and convinced me five year ago to give corticosteroids a chance. He said that this form of topical treatment for vitiligo was less likely to have side effects such as skin atrophy on me, due to the mild case of my vitiligo. After the first 15 weeks, I started seeing changes in my skin. Pigmentation had started to occur, and over the course of my skin vitiligo treatment, the effects kept improving. Today, I am extremely happy I switched to topical treatment for vitiligo.”

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