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Posted by ThompsonGas on October 15th, 2014

Propane is a non-toxic odorless gas that used in many places such as homes, construction companies, and the farming industry among others. The use of propane has increased over the past several years especially in residential homes. It is used as an alternative for fuel in many homes. Below are the main reasons for its popularity;
•    It is safe to use, as it is non-toxic. This also depends on whether you follow the safety measures that need to be considered.  The fact that this gas is highly flammable makes it necessary to avoid any open fires around the tank as much as you can.
•    It is relatively cheap and cost effective compared to other traditional energy sources. Wrapping up all its uses and the costs compared to other fuels, it’s worth noting that propane is cheaper.
•    It is more environmentally friendly. For this reason it is also used in farms.
•    It is very reliable unlike other energy sources options
•    Propane yields a very high performance
Propane is in high demand as homeowners have discovered the various uses it can provide.  Residential propane prices, however, can vary from one company to another. It is important to purchase quality propane from a reputable propane company. In order to find a reputable company, take your time and read through site reviews where you will find comments from their customers.  From these reviews you will be in a position to tell whether the company is trustworthy or not.
A lot of people still do not know the uses of propane in homes. Listed below are some of the more common uses of residential propane:
•    Propane can be used for heating water. We all know the importance of hot water.  In addition to that, it offers homeowners a cheaper way of doing laundry—even providing fuel for dryers!
•    The world we live in today is a modernized with most people preferring to cook with gas rather than electric.
•    Propane generators are very reliable and can provide lighting for your home in case the power goes out.
•    Homeowners with pools also benefit from propane, using it to heat the temperature of their water.
In conclusion, residential propane prices can be found online from a variety of suppliers. It’s a fact—propane is surely more reliable than any other fuel including natural gas. Speaking of natural gas, most people tend to think the two are similar.  One factor that differentiates the two is the actual weight. Propane is heavier than air while natural gas has the same weight as air.  Secondly, propane is used in the production of petrochemicals and also in gas absorption; this is not the case in natural gas. However, residential propane prices are affected by natural gas as propane is by product of natural gas and crude oil.

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