Ever Wondered What Makes Empire?s Sweet Popcorn Pop?

Posted by empirepopcorn on October 15th, 2014

Ever wondered what makes Empire’s SWEET POPCORN pop? Well, the secret is actually in the kernel. Popcorn comes from a certain type of maize that creates small kernels that have a hard outer shell. These can’t be chewed without you cracking your teeth and to get to the fluffy edible bit, you have to heat it. When you heat the kernel it turns the moisture contained inside into steam. When the outer shell of the kernel reaches its pressure point it bursts releasing he soft inner flake creating what we all recognise to be popcorn.

The popcorn variety of maize was actually domesticated by indigenous people back in 5000 B.C.E. Although the ‘pop’ we know and love isn’t limited to this type of maize, the soft and fluffy appearance of others is much smaller in comparison. One of the earliest recipes for popping corn came from a man named Daniel Browne during the 1840s. His way of doing things needed a grill and a half pint or more of Pop Corn. You’d then put it in the pan, slightly buttered or rubbed with lard and hold the pan over the fire. Within a few minutes the kernels would pop but the problem with this method was that the butter tended to burn before the corn would pop.

It wasn’t until way into the 19th century that someone found a much more efficient way of popping corn. People had invented “poppers” as they were then known made from boxes of tight wire gauze attached to long handles. They were meant to be held above an open flame. They offered several benefits including the ability to contain the popped kernels whilst keeping hands away from the fire. Throughout the years several improvements were made including the automatic machine, which was to later revolutionise the snack bringing it to every single theatre and picture house across the United States and Europe.

Now with Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company the reputation of Popcorn in the UK has once again evolved. With the introduction of some rather grown up gourmet flavours, popcorn is no longer seen as the childish snack enjoyed by thousands at the cinema. It’s now seen as a rather delicious treat to be enjoyed wherever you are and whatever your age. With Empire now delivering UK wide it means that wherever you are, you can have fabulous flavours delivered ready for parties, weddings or even those cosy movie nights in.

Empire offers a multitude of flavours ranging from traditional sweet, salted and toffee to some extra special ones such as Hot Madras and Spicy Thai. No matter what mood you find yourself in, Empire it would seem has a flavour to tempt you. They even offer fabulous and freshly made fairground CANDYFLOSS too. Try SWEET POPCORN at its best from the best supplier in the UK, Empire Popcorn and Confectionary Company.

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