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Posted by carlwest121 on October 16th, 2014

A bug-out bag is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for seventy-two hours when evacuating from a disaster. They are basically used at the time of evacuation, as they are a prepared bag pack to survive in any emergency. A “go bag” or a “bug out bag” consists of equipment and supplies that are needed when evacuating or escaping a disaster. While certain situations call for different preparation, a bug out bag should generally contain food and supplies, which can help you to sustain. These bags should be chocked full with your bug out bag essentials. To buy go bag online, you could take help of the online stores.

Bug out bag essentials:

  • Water: It is the basic things a survival kit should have. Unfortunately water is also heavy and hard to store and carry efficiently.

  • First Aid: Medical conditions or injuries are the reason that has made first aid kit an important part of your gear. The kits range from smaller kits to larger kits, which consists all basic medication.

  • Food: Nutritious and healthy food is the very necessary, as your body may be under physical stresses, like hiking, climbing, building. In that case your body demands nutritious food. Dried food or powdered food needs to be mixed with water, and can usually be stored for very long periods of time.

  • Clothes: You cannot predict emergencies, so having a set of clothes in your bag can be of great help. This will assure that you have the right clothes for any weather condition. Depending on your local climate, what you choose may vary. Generally, a rugged pair of shoes or hiking boots will be useful. Waterproof and warm jacket would also do great.

  • Shelter: Small emergency tents are easily available in the market. They are fordable and portable and will not take up very much space in your bag.

  • Heat/cooking: The ability to start and maintain a fire have major advantages in a survival situation. The best solution is to keep waterproof matches or lighters.

  • Light: There are many kinds of long life flashlights, some use standard or rechargeable batteries. At least one weather resistant flashlight will be an asset to your bag.

You may find these bags as an expensive asset, but the best way to buy them with your budget is by exploring online for them. There are some store who may offer bug out bag for sale.

Author's Bio: In the above the author has detailed the essential of bug out bag. These bags are fully fledged with all necessary things that may come in need at the time of any calamity.

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