Learning To Overcome Vitiligo

Posted by pharmacystore on October 16th, 2014

Growing up, I had little idea about what vitiligo was and what it could do to your skin, and, by large, your life. When I first started noticing the patches appear and spread over my face, I was a teenager. Till that point, I was considered to be one of the more attractive students in my high school and had more than my fair share of attention. Once people started noticing the uneven spotting on my face due to the depigmentation, I noticed that I wasn’t getting as much attention as I used to. The more the patches spread, the more worried I became and was desperate to find out how to treat vitiligo.

I did, however, find a way to face my skin condition with the help of corticosteroid Benoquin cream.

Treatment Of Vitiligo:

At first my doctor explained the types of treatments available. He told me that spread of vitiligo was only on my face, and was not likely to grow and spread for a few years. He went on explain the different ways through which vitiligo was being treated around the world. He explained to me that new treatments for vitiligo were constantly being researched, and today vitiligo treatment has a range from surgery for severely spreading cases, to topical creams that are highly effective.

He then told me what is the treatment for vitiligo present on my skin. He said that I could help return the pigmentation to my face with the help of a medicine called corticosteroids.

Using Vitiligo Treatment Cream:

Corticosteroid is a hormone found in your body that helps maintain the brown pigment in skin cells. I was asked to use this cream for around 4 to 6 months in order to start seeing effect. My doctor warned me that this cream may have its share of side effects after a period of extended use. I decided to take the chance since he assured me that he would monitor my medication for vitiligo.

After the first 4 months, I began to see the visible effects of change in skin color on the affected areas.  Under the strict guidance of my doctor, I continued to use the cream and visit him for regular follow-up sessions. I can happily report that I have had no visible patches on my faces since, and have been able to successfully overcome the trauma of living with vitiligo.

You too, can do the same for yourself. Know that there is more than one type of vitiligo cream for you. Corticosteroids will help to restore the color lost due to vitiligo. There is a medicine called monobenzone, though, that does the exact opposite. This vitiligo medication eliminates the brown pigment in your cells, making you take on an even skin tone that is paler than your usual skin.

In addition, you may also be prescribed a Benoquin cream called Psolaren that is part of a vitiligo light treatment called PUVA therapy. There are also treatments for vitiligo that have cream for Vitiligo containing Vitamin D.

With so many options, don’t let vitiligo overcome your zest for life. Find a treatment that’s right for you and fight that depigmentation!

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