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Posted by Kate17 on October 16th, 2014

Thanks to the advanced medical technology and dedicated surgeons of today the risk for open heart surgeries has been decreased to a minimum. There is, however, the risk presented by excessive bleeding which remains just as high as ever. Doctors have now an entire range of medication available for preventing hemorrhages during bypass surgery and thus the risks associated with such complications. One of the drugs that were commonly administered is Trasylol, unfortunately not the safest or wisest alternatives.
In order for a difficult medical intervention like bypass surgery to succeed, doctors need to reduce the amount of bleeding to a minimum. Upon its release on the market, Trasylol was considered to be one of the most efficient clotting medications and started to be used on a large scale. It was only after a couple of years that the truth came out. Stories of people who suffered from repeated hearth attacks, stroke and renal failure filled the front pages of the news. People started to look for a Trasylol lawsuit attorney and dispute their claims. The situation has not changed much, especially as there have been a number of cases in which the patients deceased after being administered Trasylol. The number of lawsuits increasing, the most popular the class action lawsuit heart surgery drug became.
The class action lawsuit heart surgery drug is also known as Aprotinin, being marketed by Bayer under the brand name of Trasylol. The medication is administered as an injection during heart surgery in order to reduce the risks associated with hemorrhaging. The question is: why did doctors consciously use Trasylol when they had cheaper and much safer alternatives? There were other drugs available, medications presented by the New England Journal of Medicine as well. You are entitled to ask yourself all of these questions and many more others. Maybe Trasylol did not affect you. But what if you are a part of those statistics in which this particular drug has been linked with renal failure, strokes and myocardial infarction? Take a stand and search for a reputed Trasylol lawsuit attorney to provide legal assistance.
The same studies made by the manufacturing company were performed by various specialists in the field. The results were presented to the general public long after the class action lawsuit heart surgery drug has been withdrawn from the market. The Trasylol lawsuit attorney has both the necessary experience and knowledge in order to make sure that you are properly compensated. If you have had bypass surgery and were administered Trasylol, thus suffering from any of the complications already mentioned, then you are entitled to monetary compensation. State your claims to the legal professional and file a process to the manufacturing company, Bayer. If you don’t tell your story, then the truth will never come out. Bayer should have warned all patients and their doctors about the possible side-effects of Trasylol.
Many of the people who have suffered from the complications of Trasylol administration are afraid to seek out justice. They do no want to reopen that chapter in their lives and this is the reason they prefer to remain quiet. Others do not have the chance to do something about it, as for them Trasylol has caused death. The conclusion is that you need to do everything possible to attract attention to the increased risks of the class action lawsuit heart surgery drug. Your Trasylol lawsuit attorney is the main link between you and justice. You might not consider financial compensation to be important. Considering the numerous health care costs associated with stroke recovery, dialysis and cardiovascular rehabilitation, don’t you think it is for the best that you make the specialists at Bayer pay?
 Bayer is responsible for the class action lawsuit heart surgery drug that we know to be Trasylol. Filing a lawsuit is only the first step that you need to take in order to find justice and piece of mind. Come to our website and see for yourself how a  Trasylol lawsuit attorney can help you!

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