Printing Logo On Bags? Take Care Of These Things

Posted by jennifer on January 28th, 2021

A logo is a visual element to distinguish your brand identity. You cannot think of online and offline marketing campaigns without your brand logo. Thus, when you are going to offer customised gifts to your customers, you cannot avoid using logo. A small graphic design can personalize your bags and bring greater return on your investments. With minimal investment, you can avail of your retail bags with logo wholesale from reliable supplier of promotional bags. However, while printing your logo, you have to focus on some factors. It will help you to make your marketing campaign successful. A little error or carelessness can cost you with your brand reputation.

So, while you choose to go with promotion of your brand by gifting personalized bags with business logo, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Identify the proper position of the logo

Depending on the bag design and size, you have to take care of placing the logo. Moreover, your logo size is one of the important factors while customising your bags. For instance, you have to choose a place that makes the logo easily viewable to others. Although the bag user can easily locate your logo, the proper placement makes this element highly visible. It is better to avoid the bottom part of the bag to place the logo.

Consider the type of bag designed with logos

You can find difference in the bag fabrics. For instance, when you have chosen cotton tote bags, you need to know the right printing technique for them. Screen printing, digital printing, heat transfer, and several other methods are available for you. However, based on the bag fabrics, designers will choose the printing technique.

The way of printing a bag will surely be different from printing a brochure. That is why you must focus on the printing options for your needs.

Find the right font size

A logo present on your device will show every detail. Make sure that your printed bag also reveals all the details of the logo design and the tag line. While printing the tag line, logo, and any business message, you have to consider the font size. In some cases, companies choose initials of their brand names for logo creation. They must choose the best font style that is easy to print on bag fabrics and other materials. Moreover, the font colour is another important factor for printing your bag. For instance, you can choose light coloured fonts for the black cotton tote bags. The contrasting colour will make your logo and other business details more prominent.

Logo size for your print

Proper sizing is must for your printed logo. When you have made your logo ready to use with a printer, you have to identify the logo size. Ensure that the logo size is perfect for your print. The correct size depends on what you are printing. With the high-resolution logo, there is no risk of image distortion on your cotton shopping bags. Also, if the bag size is too big than the size of the logo should also be proportional to it and of substantial size. 

The mode of logo customization

It is one of the crucial factors. The way your logo gets placed on the bag depends how much visible and long lasting that would be. For instance, if you are preferring screen printing, rubber printing or embroidery, the way it looks and the effect it would be will be a little different. Also, while printing the logo make sure that a good printing outcome reflects through the use of right printing technique and right materials. For embroidery also, it should be done firmly and with good quality threads so that the logo does not get torn off after a few washes. If the bag size is small, then too big logo on the bag would not look decent. It should be visible even from far distance.

Business choosing cotton shopping bags or other promotional products must take logo printing precautions to bring the best effect of their marketing campaigns. However, most of the bag customization providers give a preview of the customized bag before printing the bags in bulk. You can ask for a sample as well. Once sure about the design and logo placement, you can order for bulk printing of retail bags at wholesale cost.

To conclude, we can say that a logo is one of the artworks, and it must look perfect when you display it at any place. Thus, while printing the logo on your bags, you have to pay attention to every relevant factor. You will get the optimal value from investing in the bag customisation process.

Find eco-bags in different colors like black bags, white, natural color etc and get them printed with your logo for business promotion.

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