Emergence of Covid-19 Increasing Demand-Supply Gap Prompting Manufacturers to Ex

Posted by Ajinkya on January 28th, 2021

Operating room equipment and supplies includes all the necessary medical supplies that are used in surgeries. This includes surgical gloves, syringes, wound dressings, surgical stethoscopes, gauze, bandages, and many more. The price of operating room equipment depends on its quality and hence the demand for it. The equipment may also be ordered online directly from the manufacturers or even from the retailers. Emergence of Covid-19 has led to increasing demand for medical equipment and supplies. This in turn has prompted several manufacturers to expand their production capacity.

Surgical gloves are one of the most commonly used operating room equipment and supplies. These gloves help in minimizing bacteria formation in the operating room, hence reducing the risk of infections and other diseases. Surgical gloves are usually made up of nitrile, latex or vinyl, but others also use vinyl and spandex. However, choosing the right kind of gloves is very essential.

Operating theaters are large; therefore the number of tables and stools needed is high. Operating room furniture includes four types of tables namely, vertical free standing, vertical bar stool, adjustable height portable, and mobile operating room chairs. Among these, the mobile operating room chairs are the most commonly used operating room equipment and supplies because they can be easily moved from one place to another. There are many options available in the market for the purpose including: Surgery Chairs, Surgeons Cases, Littmann Stool, Pediatric Case Makers, and more. For the purpose of child life specialist, operating room furniture is especially designed to meet their specific needs. It helps prevent unnecessary movement which could affect the operation as well as distracting the surgeons and the patients.

Operating room furniture also includes: Cardio Pulmonary Appliances and Cardio Demand Enhancement Appliances. Cardio Pulmonary Appliances are necessary operating room equipment and supplies that facilitate the pumping of air and oxygen to the lungs of a patient while he is undergoing a heart-lung machine operation. The cardio demand enhancement appliance is an apparatus that causes air resistance inside the patient's body during the heart-lung machine operation. A cardio pulmonary appliance is usually connected to a computer system that measures the changes in pressure of the air inside the patient's body. This information is then fed into a console which shows the data in real time which enables the doctors to know what the patient needs for better heart-lung machine operations.

The last but not the least of operating room equipment and supplies is the Ultrasonic Cleaning Appliance, which has been designed especially to cleanse the medical instruments and other equipment used in the operating room. This helps prevent contamination that could affect the efficient functioning of the heart-lung machine. These appliances are available in various sizes and types that will be suited for the operating room needs of every hospital. They also come with multiple features that help make sure that they offer maximum safety to the patients and the staffs. To ensure optimum usage, they should be purchased from a reputable manufacturer.

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