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Posted by AmandaTom on October 16th, 2014

It is a known fact that the visual medium has more impact than descriptive writing. We see thousands of photographs floating around us in magazines, blogs, products, stores etc. and not each one of them were created exclusively for the product or page where it is used. Welcome to the world of stock photos where you can buy an image once and use it at your will. The concept of istockfoto is to expand the accessibility and use of this powerful art form and make it affordable. Many a times you look up a blog or website and the images used are mostly sourced from images of websites that upload royalty free photos. You too can start contributing to the pool and create a global network of photo enthusiasts. If your image earns you money that will also boost your confidence to provide better work in the future.

One drawback of the online platform is that it is often difficult to analyze the authenticity of the service providers especially with hundreds cropping up each day. This is vital if you are on the threshold of a career change or you are just starting out. You have to be careful before sharing your images with istockfoto through their websites because you should get your dues. One way is to check the history and background of the websites, the kind of work published there and the comments and feedbacks of both the artists and the customers. This will give you the whole picture of the website and help you decide whether you should produce images for websites.

If you are new to the concept of istockfoto you can either get in touch with the makers and administrators or carefully scan the websites for more information. The photographs are categorized under different subjects or genres so that people can quickly find what they want. If you have images for websites find out whether it belongs to a category listed in the website. If you are experimenting with a new subject find out whether it has any scope in this platform. Your ultimate goal should be to increase your visibility, especially if you want to quit your day job and take this up as your profession.

Find out about the limitations of photo use on these websites because the more flexible the policy, the better your chances of featuring here. For example, how many downloads a day of the image is allowed and how many times can one download it? Is there any limitation on how long the image will be available and many more questions will give you an idea about how istockfoto works. The numerous blogs and websites and print or online media has increased the demand for affordable and good quality images for websites and there is no dearth of customers either. With the right amount of patience and determination you can move ahead especially if you access the right channels or, in this case the best website for royalty free stock photos.

Understand the concept of istockfoto and if you have creative and relevant images for websites contribute to the pool.

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