Custom Challenge Coins- What Are they and how are they used?

Posted by arun on October 16th, 2014

As you all know the tradition of awarding Challenge coin is, not something that as started with the new generation. History dates back to First World War that helped and saved the life of US pilot by medal. From there onwards all the armed forces as started to walk in the same footsteps by presenting and appreciating the team and their outstanding job, their courage, bravery and sacrifices. Yes off course, the soldier hard work and efforts can never be balanced are compared with any prizes and gifts. But to appreciate and thank them, boost their energy for the future days challenge coins will be presented. Along with this, it is also believed that the birth of the Custom Challenge coin also took place during the First World War in air service of US army.

One of the Air Force commanders, the then in- charge, requested to design a gold plated Challenge coin with respective squadron’s emblem to present to the Pilots. There by the Custom Challenge coin was introduced and these coins are customized in all the branches of armed forces such as, Marine, Navy, police and Air force etc. The shapes, emblem, designs and quotes were selected on the basis of occasion and if any special person needs to be awarded then particular soldier division or mission or for the ship he/ she worked will be engraved on the coin and they are called as Custom Challenge coins.

Nowadays, these custom coins are donned by many association, agencies and organization representing their enterprise or brand name.

•In corporate sector the usage of challenge coins as enhanced, in fair well parties and to award the best employee. As per the occasion and purpose the order the coins with required designs
•In business meetings, instead of exchanging business cards Custom Challenge coins are in place. Coin with particular company logo and name will be engraved. It’s a recent trend and prestigious aspect of sharing and promoting company and their products.
•In educational institutions like schools and colleges , the use in place of medals, to award best student and for their any achievements in this sector.
•In sports event, tournament matches like basket ball, football, athletics they use challenge coins to award the places they have secured and in turn that builds team spirit
•In wedding, anniversaries, birthday celebration to cherish the sweet memories of special day, innovative and unique custom challenge coins can be used. And that stays for life long.

custom Challenge Coins can be made from a variety of metals with different coating shades for a classy and dynamic appeal. For any celebrations and occasion give your order and get a unique designed challenge coins.

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