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Posted by AmandaTom on October 16th, 2014

You have a project on say a topic which requires you to get hold of many photographs in order to make it visually attractive. A topic related to a travelogue really requires a lot of images which you will get once you do a Google search but, don’t you think that these have been used by many all over the world and that too multiple times? So, why make your project boring or clichéd? Make it catchy by getting amazing clicks from the pool of free stock photos. Even a photograph downloaded from a website like iStockfoto will serve your purpose and make you gain high marks.

The reason why free stock photos are usually preferred over the free images nowadays is because the click is usually candid and at times done by non-professionals like you and me. Earlier only those photographs used to sell which were clicked by renowned photographers or professionals or the ones who had contacts in that particular organization. There are many websites like the iStockfoto that accept the photos like they do, albeit in a specific format. In earlier times only photographs taken by a professional camera were accepted and the ones clicked through a mobile by amateurs were not even considered. However, things have changed now because these microfinance websites have started accepting photographs clicked by mobile phones too.

However, having said that, it needs to be clarified that not all photographs taken by mobile phones are accepted. A certain quality is required to be followed when you wish to upload your clicks in websites like iStockfoto. And, if you plan to download these images it is better to be a member of these online portals. You can actually gain a higher download limit. You can download as many as 250 free stock photos without paying much. If you are submitting hard copies of your project, you cannot put in videos but illustrations can really pep your work.

We all know that illustrations clearly elucidate the subject matter. So, if you insert an illustration in your project, the value will definitely increase. These are also obtained from iStockfoto websites and here too a specific quality is maintained. In Powerpoint presentations, you can actually put in videos along with free stock photos. Videos create an environment where the receiver is absorbed in the subject so, yes, that too adds value to your project. And, how can one forget about music clips complementing the visuals?

Now you must be wondering about how music clips can be obtained? The same website will provide you with it. Other websites that are similar to iStockfoto also has a separate provision to allow you to download music clips, which again proves beneficial for any article or blog you write for a website or any presentation. Searching out the type of photo you want from a pool of free stock photos might sound difficult, but, these websites have made your task easier. There are listed categories from where you can search for the click you want and get your project done.

Finish your project by availing the services of free stock photos. Become a member of portals like iStockfoto and get as many as 250 free download.

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