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Posted by AmandaTom on October 16th, 2014

The main thing about a photo is its subject. Hence, if you are into photography, selecting the correct subject and focusing on it like nobody else has ever done comes of prime. Today, an alternative way of income that is gradually evolving is when people sell stock photos. Not only freelancers but veterans too opt for the royalty free stock images because the online stores have a huge collection of good quality photos, some of which are a masterpiece on their own. If you are a newcomer in photography, this is a good forum for getting yourself noticed and earning a tidy amount in the process.

But before selling, we have to know what exactly to shoot to sell stock photos. Here are a few guidelines:
1.    Subject: As stated earlier, subject is the main ingredient of a photograph. Click more portraits in various moods and action.
2.    Colors: Play with colors or go black and white but, make the picture interesting.
3.    Profundity: Blur the backdrop to bring the subject into clearer focus, crop the not essential sidelines, and try focal black and white: In short, bring out the depth of the picture.
4.    Simplicity: Opt for the simple and non abstract photographs.

The other things that should be kept in mind while shooting to sell stock photos are: firstly, the light should be correct. Secondly, grainy pictures are a big no. Thirdly, conceptualize such a way that even a regularly sunrise looks heavenly beatific. Fourthly, topics like street photography, landscape, portrait, life in action in corporate fields, health and fitness, and education etc. never go out of demand when royalty free stock images are concerned.

The advantages of royalty free stock images are that the rights are managed and thus no breach of intellectual property right is involved. As you can easily find them online, using them in your blog, website or social interaction profile is legit. All you have to do is to type proper keywords, for example, if you are in search of monsoon black and white landscapes for your blog post, type the words royalty free along with to get the exact lists of photos. And, to sell stock photos too, there are a number of websites online who help in generating passive revenue for you.

You can buy bulk photographs from these websites too. While you are in search of royalty free stock images though, remember, rights-free does not mean you can in turn sell them. They are free for usage and not for sale. Beware of websites that claim to offer free of royalty photographs but end up popping up the subscription window. There are a few ‘don’ts’ to remember as well while looking for such free images. One, they cannot be used in logos. Two, the images can’t be registered for trademarks. Three, photos with models in them should not be used for endorsement purposes. Four, you cannot transfer or allot license of the photographs. And if you are to sell stock photos, it is important to know the market rate. Hence, research well before selling them.

Know all about royalty free stock images. One great way to generate income is to sell stock photos online.

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