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Posted by Schroeder Robertson on January 28th, 2021

Event chairs fall into one of two major types. Those designed for indoor events are more commonly referred to as banquet chairs. These are lightweight, durable, four-legged, stackable or folding chair with no armrests used to provide short-term seating for events like banquets, from which its name is derived. The second type of event chair is designed for outdoor events and are collapsible, with extremely short legs (so very low to the ground) and almost always made of canvas. Main Usage As the name implies, this type of seating is used in events, whether indoors or out, including: Outdoor Concerts Camping Trips Celebratory Dinners Weddings Town Halls And the like. The defining feature of event chairs, regardless of type is their portability and ease of storage between events. Different Types of Chairs for Events As mentioned earlier, there are two primary types of event chairs. Those designed for indoor events, and those designed for outdoor events. Indoor event chairs are also known as Banquet Chairs, and you can find the complete description of this sub-type in this article. Outdoor Event Chairs are sometimes confused with Director’s Chairs. It’s a common mistake, but although both are collapsible and highly portable, the Event Chair sits very low to the ground, courtesy of its extremely short legs, and often has convenience features like cup holders. The Director’s Chair has significantly longer legs, giving the Director a better view of his surroundings, which is useful when overseeing filming. Because people typically bring their own chairs to outdoor events if and where they use them at all, they are designed to be extremely portable, made from lightweight aluminum and canvas. Banquet chairs of Wedding Chairs and Their Names As the name indicates, wedding chairs are used for seating during weddings. As we mentioned earlier, in the main article, the go-to choice for wedding seating is the Banquet Chair, which traces its roots back to Renaissance Italy and the development of the Chiavari Chair. Although that’s certainly the most common type of chairs for wedding, there are many other different types of wedding chairs you could use, depending on the tone and aesthetic of the wedding you have planned. None of the different types of chairs used for weddings we’ll talk about are great for long-term seating but are perfect for short durations, which is about all you’ll need for a wedding ceremony. We’ll give each a brief mention, just below: Banquet Chair (Chiavari Chair) We’ll talk about this one first, even though we’ve already given it a mention previously. Of the types of wedding chairs available, the Banquet Chair is far and away the most commonly used and traces its roots back to the Chiavari Chair, which was born in Renaissance Italy. They’re simple, straight-backed chairs designed for mass production that can be stacked for storage when not in use. Most offer cushioning only on the seat itself, although it is possible to find Banquet Chairs with a nominal amount of cushioning in the seat back.

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